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Railways and platform height

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Commuter Rail

I am not sure if this is the right forum to raise this question. Since there are lot of people in this forum who have done extensive reasearch on the topic of transportation, I thought I will ask..

Is there a reason for not having the railway platforms at the same height as the carriage height? I see lot of old people with arthritis, disabled people, families with young kids struggling to get the luggage and themselves into the railway compartments. The number of steps you will hae to climb varies from station to station and platform to platform.

Is the reason related to engineering (as in some kind of check at stations) or operational?

I always thought this is a fundamental thing that the raiways have to provide, an easy way to get in and get out of the compartments..




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no standards in place

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Looks like there are no standards in place. This file on railways website is about world class stations, and covers the subject. I think we can check on this by registering a complaint about a specific station.

Looks like there are other people asking for the same.

You should write to PRO or GM @ Hubli to ask about specific stations, I think a plan may be in the works.'s picture

Railway platform height

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This can be experienced at the Carmelaram station. Getting in and out of the train takes a lot of effort given that the train stops there only for few minutes. The Lottegollahalli station has a very good platform and passengers can walk into the train comment guidelines

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