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Bus fare more expensive than driving car...!!

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This is an issue that I have been pursuing for more than a year now. Last November, the Chief Minister's office was kind enough to take note and forward it to MD of BMTC... and the wait continues!

Hence, taking this to the public domain...


Mail from CMO to MD of BMTC... November 2011


Dear Sir, 

Sri. Aravind has sent a mail regarding the price of Vayu  Vajra working out to be expensive than car, thus discouraging the commutes to use public transport , the same is herewith forwarded.  The issue was brought to the notice of the Hon'ble Chief Minister and I have been directed to get an update on the same.  The action taken on this issue, may please  be informed to the CMO.


M. Lakshminarayana,

Secretary to the Hon'ble Chief Minister,

Government of Karnataka.

----- Original Message -----
From: Arvind N
Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 4:20 am
Subject: Fwd: Bus fare more expensive than driving car...!!

> Dear Mr M. P. Prabhudas,
> I still havent received any reply to my previous mails, hence am
> copying the CM of Karnataka who is known for his public centric
> approach.
> You have tried to justify indiscriminate hike of Vayu Vajra (Airport
> Bus) for intra city travel by saying that it was to dissuade
> intra-city travel (Source: Deccan Herald).
> The problem is that Vayu Vajra are the only Air-conditioned
> buses that
> ply in the Hebbal-Mekhri Circle sector and there are no regular Vajra
> (Volvo) or Suvarna (Marco Polo) buses. With this special hike in
> fares, the bus fares work out to be more expensive than driving
> (Please refer to attached email for details).
> This is forcing residents of Ganganagar to opt out of Public transport
> and which is counterproductive to BMTC's iniatives to get people to
> use public transport!
> Could you please either consider Vajra/Suvarna services or rollback
> the fare hike for intra city travel? If you think Vajra is not
> financially viable, then atleast Suvarna services could be introduced.
> Otherwise, Ring Road services (500-series) could be extended
> upto KBS
> or Yeshwantpur (via Mekhri Circle).
> Having been a resident of China for a long time, I could give you
> examples of how China is promoting use of public transport
> (fares were
> reduced over the last four years)!
> I hope you could reply to this email atleast.
> Regards,
> Arvind
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Arvind N
> Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 16:07:38 +0530
> Subject: Bus fare more expensive than driving car...!!
> To: "Chief Traffic Manager (O)" <>
> Dear Chief Traffic Manager,
> I was very impressed with BMTC initiatives to get public to use public
> transport and had started using bus everyday to get to work from
> Ganganagar to Indiranagar.
> There is only one direct bus in this route (Vayu Vajra BIAL 4)
> and was
> surprised when BMTC decided to hike the fare from Rs.40 to Rs.50 for
> this stretch of less than 10km!! ... that works out to Rs.5/km!!!!
> I wonder how BMTC could justify the fare as it works out more
> expensive than driving.
> With Gangangar area having no A/C bus service other than the expensive
> Vayu Vajra, BMTC should seriously consider introducing regular Vajra
> (Volvo) service. If BMTC considers Vajra may not be profitable for
> that route, it should consdier Suvarna (Tata Marco Polo) services
> Thanks!
> Arvind


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bumping it up

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Very true - Volvos expensive than car and auto for short routes

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I also experienced and wanted to share the same. Offlate, Coronas which are half the cost and almost same cost of Marcopolos is being charged Volvo fare. When Coronas started I thought it is replacement of Marcopolo, but BMTC is using it as a replacement of Volvo.

To my home located in Kattriguppe from Majestic, Marcopolo fare is 13 rupees, Pushpak is 12 rupees, Corona and Volvo is 30 rupees. Auto with a proper meter costs 75 rupees.   People in Majestic wish to get a Marcopolo. Route is congested and we don't get any benefit related to the extra power and pickup that Volvo has got and journey is just around 20-30 mins. comment guidelines

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