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Chote Cheez

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Its quite sometime, since I bumped into Praja. Period. Well, this time I am with another experiment, with a smartphone tool.

Few years back, I had seen an effort on Praja to crowdsource mapping of certain utility items in google map. I was trying to search that article, but somehow Praja's search function not working for me. This idea is just to extend that concept, but with a smartphone app.

So I am making making my hands dirty, to develop an app which finds you a "chota cheeze" nearby.   A toilet , a puncture shop, or a teashop or even a road hump(bumpy road).. Hmm... app is still in native stage. But I wanted people to try it. I am not publishing it on Google Play. Wanted to have it developed in collaborative way. I tried to upload the .apk file to Praja to make it available right here. But it wont allow me( though size is <2mb, allows only image files).


I am going to paste more screens,as  I get more and more support via feedback as comments here..Lets see how this goes :-D


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Now the list includes toilet,

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Now the list includes toilet, punctureshop,Milkbooth, teashop,oldpapermart and bumpy road.. planning to add :

cycle shop,

gardening tools shop


basically idea is to add chote cheez (small shops not listed in big commercial directories like Just-Dial)


Note: The app is purely non-commercial

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Badee cheez

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Using GPS and Google Maps, GottaGo lists out washrooms closest to you, across restaurants, hospitals, malls, railway stations, petrol pumps and other spaces. It is mapped out by a network of volunteers as well as trainees and interns working with its developers StartupGarage Ventures. Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR and Chennai are the other cities that currently benefit from the app.
For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here.
@ Bheema - apparently, somebody has beaten you to the idea already, going by the above report.
Now, what would interest me more is if, as a result of this exercise or otherwise, the maintenance of our public toilets gets outsourced to the nearest reputable eatery, which I see as the only way out, and which matter I have been repeatedly trying to draw the attention of the powers that be (check here), but without any success. Well, if in agreement, do pursue this aspect too in any which way you can. 
Mere hizab se woh hoga "badee cheez".
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