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BESCOM - A positive picture

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Today I have got a chance to evaluate complaint management and response system of BESCOM. 


Issue : Edge Fuse of Transformer gone, hence power failure (Location)

Complaint Filed : 8.10 AM today

Committed response time by BESCOM : 30 min - But no response

Follow up call done by me at : 9.15 AM

Got a call from local lineman : 9.44 AM

Lineman arrived at spot : 9.46 AM

Problem analysis : 3 mins. I showed him possible root cause. But it was not the case. Root cause unknown still

Problem attending : 10 mins. This invoved disconnecting main line, calling main office to disconnect line, ensuring power is off, mending the actual fuse wire, climbing and fixing it, calling again local office to connect power, validating the power restoration.

Completed at : 10.10 AM

Overall duration of complaint management :  2 hours exactly

Overall rating : Excellent. I am happy with this service.

Discussion with lineman : Just casually talked to him for 3 mins. Nice guy, good manners. It seems now their effective duty hours from around 8am to 10pm, which is 14 hrs. But it seems not overtime paid. He feels now his job is more "risky" than earlier as their is continuos follow up from centralized help desk. But he sees ray of hope, as new salary being announced from BESCOM. Worthy to note : He never asked or showed any gesture to give him any tips for the work done. Shows 

If any BESCOM official happens to see this, please pass on appreciation. Details below, I prefer to be visual :-D


This is transformer which had issues

Transformer number

Lineman Devraju


His ID card (But you see he does not have employee number, or not displayed???)

End Note: There is no vested interest of promoting this lineman. Just taken as example, but wanted to be very fact oriented.




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Insulated cables - safe and neat!

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Not sure if this is the first implementation of BESCOM running insulated cables, but the 20X30 BDA sites near Girinagar sure are lucky to have these..

They are running both the main line which goes to the transformer as well as the line which homes connect to with insulated cables. No more naked wires with hazards of shocks etc..hopefull all localities can get these..

This will also mean that the trees need not be cut if they come under the wires..!!

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BESCOM service

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Dear Bheema: Thanks for the taking time to post it. It will encourage us more. We are improving our services continously.


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Thanks @Mani

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Does BESCOM has any appreciation system by HR dept? Thats just curiousity question.

Secondly I noted lot of  temporary power thefts during village festivals in outskirts of city. For example there was Grama Devara Jaatre (Annual fair for village god) near Gottigere. I saw entire fancy lighting was done with power theft. I indicated to a line man next day. He said "Its common sir, even our MD can not help it". Probably, fancy lighting for a km strech both left and right would not consume much power??

I heard some vigilance dept is there in BESCOM. I did not have their phone number that moment, so could not call them. But question is that is BESCOM is taking that as a donation or CSR to provide power for a good cause.  If not I suggest to make it official : Let oraginizer apply for it, and you give them free power officially ! At least you will have account for power usage and credits :) What say.


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