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About using Transgenders in Traffic Control Program

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Today while stopping at a signal in Veerasandra Cross/ Hosur Road Junction a transgender approached me for her(his) due.  Usually I wont turn up. Today I wanted to talk to him(her). So I offered Rs.10 as a talking fee :). I casually asked if he(she) would interested to help traffic control. The answer was positive but she(he) was hopeless that anyone would co-operate by seeing them.

Now it seems their presence can not eliminated by force. So why cant use them in constructive way. My initial thoughts on this.

a) Estimate their numbers and learn how they operate.

b) Based on the above study and estimate , arrive with a solid LONG  TERM plan which would kind of win-win for both BTP and their community. Study would consider the cost-benifit and social benifit analysis too.

c) First discuss with them or their leadship if any. 

Any thoughts? I am cross posting in BTP Facebook page  too, for reach of Non-Praja members too.




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Great Idea - serve multiple purposes

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That's really a great idea, because this way BTP will have a army of traffic wardens or whatever you want to call it and at the same time they will get some jobs too or something to earn instead of wrongly wandering on the signals, which was one of the main concern of the citizens about harrassment by these people at junctions, isn't it?

And, if you worry about, how people will co-operate by seeing them, I know they won't co-operate, because people think they are inferior, but the so-called inferior person teaching a so-called educated and superior person the basic traffic and civic sense and road-discipline, this is definitely going to work, people will feel humiliated and may not do it again or atleast remember this when they do it next time.


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Thanks Deepak and looking...

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... I am looking for insights from more people here and proposals like we got  whitepaper for Namma Railu. Probably it will take a while for people to think and come out with directions on this. But till then we have to keep this thread alive.

I have seen many useful discussion threads having slow death like the one on lane driving. Hard to keep momentum, but yes, we can do, as Obama said once :)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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And i thought i was alone. I

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And i thought i was alone. I have had this idea in my head since 2-3 years now. Spoke to a few of friends just to see if i am talking sense.

I was given various points of view.

The society does not accept them as normal people. Them working for any organization may not be taken very well. They are not an constructively organized lot. Keeping their interest in such a job will require good renumeration and giving them sense of resposibility.

And Deepak's views were also expressed.


Despite all that i totally agree to this idea. To begin with, they can force people to stop before or on stop line on traffic signals.

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I have seen many useful

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I have seen many useful discussion threads having slow death like the one on lane driving

Nothings dies here, at worst i goes on hibernate :). Commuter rail was under discussion since 2007 but the paper got done only last year. Congestion pricing has been deliberately put on hold till ORR signal freeing is done & BRTS is in place.

I just wrote a whole load of text on traffic discipline here, it all ties in. BTW someone asked me about the DDC sticker at a highway rest area. Messaging should continue. 

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No, they shouldn't stop, they should just advise

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I would say, lets not give them the right to stop people like that without the permission from BTP on a right visiblity, otherwise this good thing will get into bad politics or whatever you call it. Now a days there are more argumentative people around us, they can even argue on crime as well. Like what happened a few months back when ORRCA staff has tried to punish the people parking on no-parking areas on ORR. So, either control be in hands of BTP or otherwise BTP should make them authorized to force people to stop (They can have BTP issued Id cards).

Also, I think, it should better work as in advise format, because that will give a feeling to so-called educated and so-called superior people on the road that the so-called inferior people are giving them road-discipline advise. Forcing actions may cause unwanted road-rages on the signals, and these people wil be on the recieving end whom we are trying to give a good life and social respect.

Also, there is much more to be discussed with their leader or Union Head or whatever, because I am not sure how they take it up our idea as? Like, how much government do for beggers, create houses for them outskirts, but they only understand the money, the coins, they don't want to go and live peacefully there, everybody is only for lot of GREEN papers. Plus, there is mafia hand who is behind these beggers who wants to get their commision, they can't allow them to leave begging and stay at houses given by govt.

I am not sure what is the case with these trasnsgenders, because this is another point we need to discuss on and take the authorities (Police, BTP or govt) in confidence first.


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Thats Praja spirit. Thanks again.

Is there anyone who can let Mr.Sood know about this idea? 

Also I found an organization namely Sangama (what a meaningful name !). I am letting them know about this discussion via thier feedback form.

Plus I find there are good talents in that community too. A Citizen Matter artile here.

Let us see how it goes. Meanwhile let us create a roadmap for this initiative, taking our own good time to discuss/brainstorm.


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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worth a thought, may be more

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but the so-called inferior person teaching a so-called educated and superior person the basic traffic and civic sense and road-discipline, this is definitely going to work, people will feel humiliated and may not do it again or atleast remember this when they do it next time.

I like the above thought.

I'll give a link to this blog on Hasiru Usiru y-group. Many of the members there are in touch with their 'Sangama'.

@ Bheema - What you have put on Facebook, Mr Sood will see. But, unless there's a push from the elected reps, I doubt he will take it forward.

Muralidhar Rao
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From today's BM about Mirji's order on enunch troubling citizens

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From today's Mirror-  MONTH AFTER MIRJI’S THREE-DAY DEADLINE, EUNUCHS BACK AT IT (The police commissioner’s promise to book transgenders, who bully motorists at signals to part with money, under the stringent Karnataka Police Act has come a cropper)

Representatives of the transgender community however cautioned against excessive and indiscriminate action against the community.

Now, that's the problem, the community representatives (for any community) for that matter, they don't want to understand the problem. In this particular scenario- We will not worry those transgenders who lead a peaceful existence. But should they trouble the citizens, then we will book cases against them,” Mirji had said.

Now, what is the problem in this? Do they want to say that - We are going to harrass public, no matter what, and if you try to use force against us, we are cautioning you.

Same is the case with Auto-Union or whatever, they also meant the same that we are going to harass our GOD (read customers) and make them pay more than the meter, if you do take action against us, we are going for strike or nuisance or whatever.


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Praveen has responded...

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... with a single liner to talk to him over given phone. Requesting the idea "liking" Prajas to give more inputs on viability/feasibility/approach. 


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Great Initiative ! No one is

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Great Initiative ! No one is useless. I had thought about this few years back, but presumed it was impractical but posted idea in Praja.In But happy to see this implemented this year. Wonderful ! If not traffic control, at least traffic education 

I dont know who worked for this, but my kudos to them. 


Check this article and video:

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