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FM Station for Bangalore Traffic/Weather/Other Alerts

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I have put forward the idea in facebook as follows. Let me know what you think? I will do the job of cross-posting your thoughts in facebook, in case if you dont have facebook account.

Content from facebook:

I suggest BTP to operate FM station of its own. It will have more reach than SMS/internet/mobile and will be of more realtime help to all Bangaloreans. Friends, any thoughts on this?

 Link to facebook


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BTP cannot afford FM license

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BTP cannot afford FM license fees & its open bidding. Some FM channels are already airing traffic updates. They can definitely tie up with community radio's though. AIR can be used as its a govt owned entity not sure how many will listen.

I think BTPsould focus on gathering information on traffic in a proper manner. If information is available distribution is very easy. Trafic counting devices need to be deployed, existing cameras deployed for violations can be used to pan & guage volume also, neew cameras dedicated for capturing traffic volume in corridors need to be put up.

Worldover there are private TV channels which put up all this infrastructure as a value addition to viewers. They even have their own helicopters reporting on traffic in some large cities. We should take this suggestion to private TV channels instead of BTP who will do a better job at this.

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BTP asking..

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But BTP asking "How do you think you get traffic updates on FM?" in facebook. I am sure they will be able to get a community radio license at least with low transmission powers.

Unfortunatly, I do not like the idea of private players. They have cheap commercial interests : giving less service and more advertises. Take example of BMTC bus stands, did you see any bus stop name prominently? Rather you will see their

Coming back to subject.....

I liked community radio idea much. I am sure the people in real need of traffic definatly will tune to such a channel. If BTP agrees on idea, it should not be a great deal for them.

Let us see how facebook pals participate in this matter..

Here is whats happening in facebook as of now:


  • Neel Padmanabhan To start with BTP can agree with the present FM stations to put messages at specific times so that we can tune in get updated.
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  • Bangalore Traffic Police All FM sit in our TMC during peak do you think you get traffic updates on FM
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  • Bheema Upadhyaya 
    Thanks BTP. Though FM Jackies at TMC, they give updates at random timings, and many times attached to commercial ads. We dont know when they update us. As Neel suggested, if they update at fixed intervals or announce accurate schedule for t...See More
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  • Bheema Upadhyaya In fact BTP should not look for sponsorship, should be able to maintain FM Channel itself with fines collected from offenders :)
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  • Neel Padmanabhan Thanks BTP, we appreciate the lead taken by BTP. At the same time, if this update comes every 15th minute or 30th minute, it is easy for me to look for that info and then go back to what i was playing ....
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Take example of BMTC bus

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Take example of BMTC bus stands, did you see any bus stop name prominently? Rather you will see their brands

So BBMP didnt review design & implementation? Are they still sleeping? If this were furniture for our house would we just blame the manufacturer for sending a sofa with no seat? Wouldnt we check before buying & return the product if it didnt meet the specs?

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MG Road

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Seamless drive on MG road

As per today's TOI, AreaTraffic Controller project will be tried out on MG road to reduce vehicles waiting time at six signals to 0-60 seconds, virtually signal-free ride.

I hope the BTP have made provision for pedestrians/ public transport commuters to cross the roads at these signals as the MG road is a pedestrian-intensive shopping/commercial zone and not a highway for vehicles to zoom past.

Will Mr. Praveen Sood clarify?

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