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Trip Number : BMTC or any city transport

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This is not new thing or research. But I am sure if a trip number is mentioned in display board it will help public. I propose to bmtc to include trip numbers in display boads. 

Example: For bus number 378 Kengeri to Electronic City, 

A seperate board other than main number board should indicate  Trip Number : 0525U (U - Up D - Down) indicating this trip started at 0525 morning upwards.

I guess the ideal place to place this board would be Right Bottom of the front glass.

I am unable to fully visualize all the advantages here,

a) It will help commuters to know if they missed a bus.

b) People/BMTC will know if the bus has maintained its timings.

c) People will have better estimates of a bus arrival.

d) It should help BMTC internal systems to track as well.

Any thoughts on this? If more hands join to discuss and analyze , I am planning to email to BMTC with a practical low-cost proposal about this. Looking forward for your inputs on this.


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Route Number 378

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To demonstrate the advantage I took a case study how badly this route operates. I am sure if a trip number is introduced things will become straight.

Here is the feedback I gave to BMTC and their acknoledgement. We will see how do they go about it. The complaint has vital info required for them  ie bus number, time and date and route number.


TTNO BMTC-0520111036-3868
Topic Name Bus Route
Problem Name Feedback on Route
I was trying to call your call center tollfree number now 12-May-2011 from 9.55am to 10.22am but no response. I wanted to given feedback regarding Route No.378 from eCity to Kengere. They do NOT maintain ANY timings or any patterns. As an example today 3 buses ran at the same time bus numbers. I have noted their numbers at 9.55am at electronic city. I have been watching they are running , trying to overtake one another from Bettadasanapura to eCity last top. The bus numbers are KA01 F1781, KA 01 F8576, KA01 F8879. One of them is old type bus and two others are jNurm buses. Why this type of mismanagement? 
I strongly suggest their timing to be monitored at the time of leaving and time of reaching destination. Should you need more info please feel free to contact me.
I am also posting this in public website ( ) for general discussion. Kindly have a look. If you further discussion is required on this, you can post comments there as well. Have a good day.


Our team shall get back to you shortly. We thank you for your concern and support.


BMTC Team.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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I don't know they will do that

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Because doing that will show up their mismanagement and they definitely don't want to rectify it.

I really don't understand these kind of mismanagement, all 3 buses running at the same time, how are they going to benefit public, the comman man and they talk about "public-transport" etc etc.. I am fine if the buses are running late because of traffic or any other thing, just like the trains, but they have the timings, that they can run late but can't depart early, so that we are sure that if we are reaching on time, no doubt we can miss the train right? Similarly buses should be given a practical timing (and duration of trip) depending on the route, traffic, buffer etc, and these numbers should be different for different trips like peak hour traffic  should have more buffer than odd-hour traffic timings. Simple, isn't it?

I earlier wrote about the 500 C buses on ORR many times, as I had seen 3 volvo 500 C buses on the same signal, and trying to overtake each other.. what a nonsense.


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Just got blunt response

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Dear bheema
Your suggestions are taken well and necesary action will be initiated.
with regards
This was quick response I got from CTMO. Not mentioning when/what/where action will be taken. However, I will follow till it reaches a logical end meaning either suggestion is taken and implemented or rejected based on valid reasoning from BMTC.
I responded as below:

Hello Sri xxxxx,

Thanks for your real quick response which was a pleasant surprise in case of a government agency like yours. The case was just a sample, action has to be taken in more of a strategical and system way than action on any individuals as such.
Thanks and have a great day (in Shanthinagar?).
" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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naivety - pardon my saying so

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@ Bheema
I must compliment you on a well thought-out suggestion. And, the reasons a, b & c as to why it needs to be implimented are all valid. However, when it comes to d (It should help BMTC internal systems to track as well) is where you make a mistake. Yes, in a competitive situation, the service providers would consider such feedbacks/ suggestions invaluable, and may even reward the people providing them. But here you are dealing with a BMTC - a monopoly and a government one at that - and, with the kind of minister in charge, it has now turned into a full-fledged mafia set up.

So you can break your head in pursuit of all your efforts. But, I'll bet you won't get anywhere. The answer, as I have been shouting from roof-tops, is effective and well-regulated competition from the private sector. When the likes of you and Syed are ready, let's move a PIL. I am sure Justice Kehar Singh will be readily sympathetic to the cause.

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