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eCity-Phase 2 new Footpath : Visual Report

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Few days back new footpath work completed in eCity Phase-2. From XIME to TataBP Solar strech. Here is the photo report. I have no comments posted on this intentionally. Last few pics show how a footpath space is used for "beautification" by a private company. So no footpath laid there :(



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Nice Photo report

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 In Bangalore every locality developed by BDA has good parks. Surprisingly there seems to be a “standard” there.  However there is hardly any innovation as far as town planning is concerned. 

IMHO Street design should 

  • Have
    • Good Aesthetics
    • Street furniture
  • Be
    • User Friendly
    • Devoid of any sort of encroachment
  • Have Good Management of
    • Sewage Water
    • Rain Water
    • Power Cables
    • Communication Cables
    •  Advertisement space
  • Have
    • Scientific / Innovative Speed Breakers 

Having said that my comments on the pictures in the report would be 


  1. The BESCOM encroachment. Bad Power cable management
  2. Callous encroachments being tolerated
  3. Big Power Distribution Equipment not provided in the street design. A design failure to innovate.
  4. Town planning error in not anticipating this parking requirement and or enforcement failure
  5. The domestic power cables should go under ground. Transmission Tower?
  6. Missing parking policy / Enforcement
  7. Encroachment?
  8. Encroachment?
  9. Encroachment? 

In addition some foot path encroachments like venders related happen with the connivance of the enforcing authority like the police. This could be an example of lack of conviction in government / governance. 

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I have only one comment

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I just want to make one comment -

(1) No enforcement at all at this initial stage, and this is going to create huge problems as we ahead.

Right now, you see companies have done beautification work and no place for footpath, and where you see footpath is, or on the place of footpath parking is done like as if that is more a parking space.

I want to appreciate BDA and other authorities for many such good works across the bangalore, really there are many places where they do good jobs like good footpath (I know they are not great, but relatively they are on a better side, we will go on the best gradually), good parks, good roads etc etc, but nowhere you see any good enforcement policies, people just flout any norms as if its their own property. People start disrespecting public properties, and if this will be the case, you will see in no time, you will see many tea-vendors, paani-puri vendors or any other eatable stuff vendors encroaching these footpaths soon and pedestrians will be forced to walk on the road.

Enforcement is the key here. Where is the ENFORCEMENT.





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And sadly...

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This is the status of footpath today. Feeling pity and helpless..

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Pavements/Side walks/ Foot paths

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Norms for Road building have been in existence from time immemorial but so far as our Bangalore authorities are concerned, they seem to be ignorant, in spite of so many senior engineers, consultants etc. being employed.(graphically illustrated by the photo report of Bheema).

What is needed is an Apex body for the Pedestrian facilities including foot paths, road crossings, sky walks, under passes  bus shelters etc. focussing on the requirements and convenience of the people who have to walk  and cross the roads using such basic facilities.

In spite of there being DULT, ABIDe, Janaagraha,, City Connect etc. in addition to BBMP, BDA, Traffic Police, Transport Dept and of course BMTC (now METRO too) , there is absolute lack of co-ordination in designing, construction and maintenance of these facilities.

The result is that funds from Central and State Govts and BBMP, JnNURM etc. are being spent in hundreds of crores in the name of helping Pedestrians, but it is they who are being hit fatally in thousands and no one is accountable.

It is really a pitiable situation and we can only try to help out as prajas.


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Here comes the cable devil

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Not even 3 months of construction, sadly digging is started. No idea if they had permission or not. But 2 places footpath has been digged. What a pity! I am going to convey the message to ELCIA (Association of companies). 

The hardwork of whomsoever has gone waste within 3 months. Footpath being abondoned by public as you see second image below.


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Nice pictures.

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How about uploading the pictures to the BBMP Project management system and register your complaint!

It would have helped if you had attended the meet with commissioner DULT.

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More pics of damage being done.

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Thanks psaram42. I am not sure, whether it comes under perview of BBMP as this event is taking place at eCity Phase-2. 

Ok. Here are more pictures. I feably hope they would mend the damage done . The message has been passed to CEO of ELCIA via email.

Should they bring back the status to original, I would be happy to post pictures here.

Note: I overheard the telecom company "Aircel" is the one doing this work, not sure though. All these pictures taken @6.35pm today

People at work

Cabling machine in "action" to damage footpath. Note the it uses "support" to drill, in the process pressing the interlocks down, thus damaging.

In case someone wants to investigate here is vehicle which carried the people and cables.

Far view of cabling near of XIME new campus.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Same is not the case infront of CM's house

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If you look at Footpath & lighting arround former CM Yeddiurappa house  next to  New BEL Road,  things are different. 

Same with Mr Ashok / Transport Minsiter house near Jalahalli,  things are done well  with lot of money spent, where as major footpaths in  city  are not done. 

As Public and  Organisations should  demand the authorites to do the job properly  and   news paper & news Channels should also paly role in getting things better.

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How do you want your road to be designed and built?

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Bheema, obviously taking time off to put the pictures shows ones frustration about the lack of co ordination and planning of roads in electronic city area.

DULT has jurisdiction over the entire state of Karnataka. They are supposed to provide standards not only for the road surface but also for the cross section. Provision for all that goes or should go underground has to be provided for, in this cross section. With this standard and proper adherence there is no need to dig or re dig at any time. 

What is apparently happening in your area is not surprising. DULT is still working to release the standards.Is Proper design and implimentation as per standards a far dream?

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More updates and towards solution

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As a normal citizen I would just need following info displayed at spot of work, which will provide tracking for entire episode. Here is the sample (minimum display) I would like to see at the spot.

Authorisation details for work carried at this spot

Approving Agency :  BMRDA

Approving Authority : Senior Engineer Urban Planning (Contact :xxxx)

Approval Reference : xxxxxx dated xxxx

Name of the work : Cable laying for mobile services

Name of the applicatant : M/s Airtel (Contact :xxxx)

Name of the actual contractor: M/s ABC works (Contact :xxxx)

Approved Start Date: xx/xx/xxxx

Approved End Date : xx/xx/xxxx

Approved Locality :  2km radius from TATA BP Solar Gate-1



Ok. here are more picture of work in "Progress"(?!).

See how the machine is positioned.

And see how the footpath is damaged.

Now work in 'progress' is extended to road as well. This road was brought to some shape just 4-5 weeks back. And road marking was completed just 2 weeks back. See below the pathetic situation now:


I repeat : I would be happy to post the pictures here once footpath returns to normal. (Do you hope?)


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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So called restoration

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3 days back I see the cable work complete. So called finishing touch given. Here are my observations. 

1) Leveling gone

2) No cementing between tiles.

3) No finishing at the edge

4) Introduction of a new manhole. Though its ok to introduce new manhole, it cover is 3inches above footpath level. So dangerous.

5) Introduction of a new obstacle. A stone simply written with "DWL OFC". 

6) Seriuosly think that the within few months, this "finishing" will be gone.


Conclusion : In good words the nice footpath is screwed up for ever. As per guidelines not using bad words, else a worthy case :)

Final "visuals"  here (Remebering our masala media)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Happy ending

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As I indicated earlier, I was observing this footpath for quite a while. Today happy to share news that footpath has been fully restored, almost to original (though not sure of quality). Not sure if it was result of this reporting, but I dont care and thats not important. Work done. Note that even collars have been patched now :)

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