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Chote Cheez


Its quite sometime, since I bumped into Praja. Period. Well, this time I am with another experiment, with a smartphone tool.


Pasting the diologue I had with Katte Sathya (mayor) just now. Shall we join hands? RSVP once date is fixed.


BBMP Thunder


We have several violations taking place and they have to be "attacked" by BBMP on the spot. But I guess, BBMP's vigilance dept does not have such "striking" force (not sure). If this is the case, may I suggest a powerful, mobile "BBMP-Thunder" force. Somewhat similar to BMTC Sarathi / Bangalore Police Hoysala?


KSHIP going social?

We know Manivannan has taken over KSHIP. Here is the Facebook page.  I read the news of transfer of Manivannan on 6-Jul-2013 and facebook page created on 9-Jul-2013. Swift !

And I see first interaction as given below on July 25th. 


Building and Other Debris Dumping

Another face of  keeping city clean is debris management and recycling. I am seeing it equally responsible as garbage.  If we watch carefully we will find debris everywhere. We can manage dry and wet waste somehow, but debris is hard to manage. Some tractor has to come and we should have labour and tools dispose it. Also where to dispose debris is a *big* question.

Compare e-Bike (electric Bike) with other mode of transportation

Private transport

Submission: I repent for *not* having an electric bike back in 2009, when I relocated to Bangalore.

I am submitting because I realized the benefit so late. And I read this article only today. My experiement with e-bike is really successful against many goals I set.


Honk/Horn Language Proposal for Federal Union of India

After practising driving for more than 15 years and experimenting with DD, I feel honking is part of life, though I use this "feature" sparingly. But seeing other folks who restlessly honk in this crowded world of India, may I propose a new honking code language specific to India. Something similar to ASCII, morse codes? 

Now, experiment with electric bike

Private transport

(On lighter note) It seems most of my time is spent in experimenting than being consistent in anything !

Customer facing staff of BMTC

BusPublic Transport
Observation :Now I am using BMTC services almost daily (Mostly route 378) and getting a feel of the BMTC customer facing staff and their attitudes and langauges. I observed at least 25% conductors use rude language by default. What I mean by default is usage of poor language without any provocation by commuter's behavior or age or gender.

BESCOM - A positive picture


Today I have got a chance to evaluate complaint management and response system of BESCOM. 


About using Transgenders in Traffic Control Program


Today while stopping at a signal in Veerasandra Cross/ Hosur Road Junction a transgender approached me for her(his) due.  Usually I wont turn up. Today I wanted to talk to him(her). So I offered Rs.10 as a talking fee :). I casually asked if he(she) would interested to help traffic control. The answer was positive but she(he) was hopeless that anyone would co-operate by seeing them.

FM Station for Bangalore Traffic/Weather/Other Alerts

I have put forward the idea in facebook as follows. Let me know what you think? I will do the job of cross-posting your thoughts in facebook, in case if you dont have facebook account.

Content from facebook:

About receipts in private schools

Today I have sent a query to Section Officer,education department. Matter is self-explanatory. Corruption is eberywhere.

Hello sir/madam,

Trip Number : BMTC or any city transport

BusPublic Transport

This is not new thing or research. But I am sure if a trip number is mentioned in display board it will help public. I propose to bmtc to include trip numbers in display boads. 

Example: For bus number 378 Kengeri to Electronic City, 

(Auto)mobile hotels

Urban Development

While we are all ok with such shops, as they provide quick solutions to auto/cab/bus drivers I am just wondering

a) Are valid license holders to do the business?

b) Is their vehicle authorized to use for such purposes (which shows white number plate)?

c) Does the RTO rules permit usage of private vehicles for business use?

d) Do the business owner pay taxes?

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