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encroachment of Arakere lake by the Govt. itself???

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Though I reside nearby, had not been towards Arakere lake for a long time. Last weekend I happened to pass the lake on my way back home and I see a building under construction on the shores of the lake. Also saw a notice board put by BBMP waring the public against encroachment of the lake.

Although one side of the lake is already been encroached upon by many people from a very long time (Hulimavu gate area) the other side (where I saw this new building) was free of encroachment untill now. Wanted to complain and know what was really happening and eventually stop and get this encroachment removed so, called up BBMP call center about half an hour ago and registered a complaint. Within 10 mins I got a call from an engineer (supposedly a BBMP engineer, who didn't want to give me his name and wasn't eager to talk either) he asks me, "what's the problem? where excatly is this happening etc." I tell him what I had seen and ask him what is going on, he says " sir that is a school being built by the govt. itself. the land has been surveyed already. there is no encroachment or anything." and thats it, even before I could ask anything else, he has already disconnected the line.

I feel there's something fishy about this. Planning to get more information using RTI. Do please let me know what sort of question does one ask while filing RTI application.




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Ask him the survey number

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Not well qualified to answer your query but contact the concerned engineer, ask him the survey number of the land on which they are constructing the school.

Once you get that you can proceed to file an RTI asking more details of that survey. I will try to find out what question we need to ask and update you. comment guidelines

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