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Low beams or high beams?

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Video 14: Low beams or high beams? कौनसे लाईट को कब इस्तमाल करे? One feature of travelling in India at dusk or later is the lack of understanding amongst drivers on when to use the vehicles headlights. Often drivers don't use any lights even when it is dark, on other hand, some use the high beam even in built up urban areas. This short film hopefully will help create awareness amongst drivers. This is vital as correct use of lights can avert accidents. अनेक लोग शहरों मे तीव्र बत्ती (लाईट) का इस्तमाल करते है। ऐसा करने पर सामने से आने वाले ड्राईवर अक्सर अंधापन म्हेसुस करते है। ईस वजाहा से अक्सिड़ेंट होने की संभावाना बढ जाती है।


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i have seen some drivers using dim & dip to warn those around them.
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Dim and dip

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Yes, drivers use dim/dip or flash the light once to get noticed by other drivers. Funny thing is, in India, when two vehicles come head on in a narrow lane, the one flashes the light first get the right of way (fastest fingers first as they would say in KBC/WHBM) but in UK, the one flashes, is giving the 'other' person the right of way. -Shastri


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High beam within the city

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A lot of people, driving within the city, seemingly do not realise when their light is in high beam. I have stopped and questioned quite a few people as to why they are driving in high-beam, after which they realise that they have flicked it-on by mistake :). comment guidelines

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