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NO-PARKING zone violations

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Too many violations of the No-parking zone can be seen all over the City, and 95 times out of 100, it will be private cars that violate this rule.  Jayanagar, probably tops this list.  Few observations -

  • This happens infront of restaurants, show rooms
  • There seems to be an apparent nexus with the local authorities and these commercial establishments
  • No-parking does not apply for those who visit these commercial establishments as other citizens would move away from the board, whereas the security guards happily allow visitors to his owner's showroom saying 'police illi barodhe illa'.
  • Pavements too are encroached
  • Traffic police seem to be 'unaware' of this
  • On some of the roads with high traffic, the 'NO-Parking' boards have done a vanishing act and this is one of the prime reasons for traffic blockage
  • Other localities too face the same problem where uncontrolled commercialisation has become a nuisance

Some immediate steps -

  • DCP-Traffic should take immediate action on this and bring in enforcement of the rule
  • Locking of the cars should be pursued aggressively and the fines increased considerably
  • Charge parking on the streets and it should not be nomial;  Govt land, i.e., road and pavements (read real estate) should not be taken for granted by private vehicle owners.



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Look at this

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Close to Ejipura Inner Ring Road junction there is MM Motors. This is their Sumo. Ran their plates and it has 2 violations one of which is jumping signal and other is dangerous driving, a more server offence. The cops are close but do nothing. Plate number as seen in snap is KA05N6514 The road was widened after getting extra land from Army. But the MM Motors use it as their own parking lot causing problem to motorist who use this road from Ejipura to Srinivagalu. Not sure who needs to tow this Sumo away, tell motors not to park here and make sure the Ejipura main road is clear for traffic as people have to wait near the signal most of the time and this obstructs. I have moved to HAL but I went back last weekm found the same Sumo standing just next to the NO parking sign without any issues !!!!! If you watch the silver cab, it basically is going left towards Domlur but has to move right to avoid the Sumo first and then take the left. Here are the snaps. Quality is bad as I didnt have a high resolution cell phone !


-Falcon of India

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In-Swing Corner near Banashankari BDA Complex

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There is a footpath which is encroached by the car seats/accessories maker near BSK BDA Complex at the corner near CCD.

The cars are always parked on the footpath and the dealer works on their seats/music system.  When we have to take the road to walk on the other side of the footpath.

I have also seen many sections of  the same strech taken over by construction debris /construction rooms where labourers stay and hold their construction material. Can we do something?>

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Cop Company

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Relevant to this topic, this is something i heard from the top man of a top builder/promoter company in Bangalore yesterday. BTW, i started my meeting with him with the notion that most, if not all builders/promoters are way down in the ethics/integrity ladder. I was pleasantly surprised.

He indicated that he is almost sure that 50% of the no-parking or no-stopping boards are just conveniently located where any private vehicle might get some respite from the otherwise congested roads with no parking at all. This is so that the cops (goes up to what level of cop hierarchy we don’t know) can ambush the parked vehicles there and make money. He also indicated the cops work with a target to achieve and if studied properly, a pattern of finding cops at different times of the day or days of the month can be noticed for all these boards with 'earning-potential'. Same for some of the 'no-free-left' boards.   

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Lobbying by Police

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 Same is the case of one way road. Most of the VIPs will get one way board installed in the road in front of his house. There will be no traffic at all here and no need for one way. Cops will hide and make cash. This is the case near Sai Motors Show Room on ORR in Kattriguppe.

Same is the case near Chamarajpet. One of the road which is direct continuation of the Sirsi Circle Flyover ramp near the Church will lead to. This has been made one way in the direction opposite to the direction of traffic flow. The neighbouring Chamarajpet Main road which is already wide enough is marked for widening taking away lands of many shops.

If you know the traffic police personally, you can get the no-parking signboard in front of your house. I saw this in Hanumanthnagar  6 years back when I was living there. One of my neighbour had a fight with another neighbour who had a shop of two wheeler washing. This guy purposefully put no-parking in front of 2-wheeler washing shop with the help of local traffic cop!!

Traffic police also join in hands with local travels to allow their vehicles to park. Recently, I had parked my car in front of a temple in Hanumanthnagar late in the evening. Crazy travel guys parked car all around my car blocking it to take out. When I checked with the travels guy to take out the car, he is saying this is our place for parking and we have spoken to inspector. Why did you park here?. I wanted his help to take out my car and hence did not argue much and negotiated to take his travels car out.

Another most familiar point is Vidyapeetha circle in south Bangalore where buses block the traffic like anything, but due to local 'adjustments' with cops, no action is taken. Same is the case near Anand Rao Circle. comment guidelines

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