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Questions about Bellandur Lake

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hey u all users der pls reply.......i have 4 questions on bellandur lake it would be really good if you

can answer to these questions and ask your friends also who know about
this lake
1.your name
2.what do you think about the tank or lake
3.what was lake used for earlier?
4.what should be done to improve the situation?


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Bellandur lake

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Hi Akhilesh,

I dont know why this blog of yours has appeared under a transportation dialogue. My answers to your queries are as follows:

1. You will get my name at bottom of this message

2. Bellandur Lake has great potential to be developed on the lines of Lake Interlarken in Switzerland!

3. I guess as a catchment area for rainwater and sewage / grey water runoffs from the city

4. Lots can be done if BBMP / BWSSB / LDA etc have the will and guts (?) to take bold steps. Technology has made it possible to install self cleaning mechanisms which run on solar energy. No chemicals and minimal maintenance. Proposals are with BBMP, but nobody wants to lift a little finger. You should drop in one day at the CE's office in Utility building - 9th floor where lift is invariably not in operation! It is like a ghost office. No one comes and the standard answer by a lone peon is that they have all gone on inspection!

What improvement can take place with such apathy?




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Please spend some time on the available info in this site

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 Hi Akhilesh Makana, 

I have replied to your email already. 

Did you try to browse on my blog entries on Bangalore lakes in general and Belandur Lake in particular, here in Praja? Perhaps you should do so. You may like to ask specific queries after browsing, to save our time and effort. Also could you please elaborate on who you are and what exactly is the work for which you are seeking our help? You can update your personal information at “akhileshmak” with some more details if you so wish.

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sir,thank you for your reply

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i am doing this for my case study and i see that you have quite a lot of information about the place and you are expereinced enough, so it would be good if  you can help, actually i study in a boarding school in bannerghatta so i personally cannot visit the place and i needed photogrphs which i cannot go and take and in our school no colour printer is also there, so please sir. comment guidelines

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