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Congrats Naveen and thanks Deccan Herald

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Thanks Deccan Herald for taking note of Praja. They are carrying Capt Naveen's suggestion about Koramangala 100 ft road today in full, and have mentioned Praja as a site launched by "a few IT professionals with concerns about IT capital of the country". Congrats Capt Naveen, you got almost half of page 3 on Sunday DH!

We have had emails of support from bureaucrats. We get read by a good number of journalists. Serious and concerned Bangaloreans are slowly getting to know this site. All this when we are still to 'market' our site in any real way. Let us help grow it into a platform where quality suggestions show up, and more than that, concerned citizens get to network with each other.

A new version of website is close to going live (find a preview here, feedbacks welcome). Once the new design is ready, it will be easier for us to add new cities and groups - in fact Pune should be up pretty soon. We will soon post a comprehensive update about the site - how we operate, our near and long term goals - and we sure will be calling for help as well.


Admin Team


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Thanks !

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Many Thanks to all for the support, especially TS for his inputs re. lane conflicts on that stretch of the street.

 I think Praja needs to be complimented for providing an excellent forum for discussing civic issues - let's keep up the good work !


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Link to DH article

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Congrats Naveen and all Praja members. Here is the link to the article although it is missing the image that it has in print/e-paper version. -Shastri


Congrats Naveen and all

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Congrats Naveen and all praja members!


My cousin works/reports for 'Bangalore Mirror' and I also have a cousin at 'Deccan Herald'. I will ask them to give more media exposure to Praja

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awesome naveen!! great going. cadambi, great. it will be great if you can get them to share their insights here. btw did you read that interview of BCIL head, hariharan?
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Photoyogi too!!!

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Yesterday i over looked it. Today going through the e-edition, i recognized two familiar faces Naveen was one and then, there he was, good old photoyogi aka praveen sundaram aka praja_yogi the man pretensioning the palike with his snooping camera batting for pedestrians. congrats prav!!! Consider pedestrians too (DH) No doubt the technology is very good. But it will be beneficial only if it is executed effectively. The Cauvery junction underpass, constructed to ease the traffic flow, itself has become bottleneck for traffic because of its narrow width. BBMP is constructing approaching ramps for the underpass at BDA junction. If the road has to be cut for laying pipeline or any other reason in future the entire the ramps have to be disturbed. I don’t think the Palike has taken any measure to address this problem well in advance. One more thing is that pedestrians are completely neglected. Once the International Airport starts functioning vehicles will be moving at high speed on Bellary Road. Pedestrian will have tough time to cross this stretch. BBMP should provide pedestrian sub way.
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Great going

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I would like to thank the guys at for doing a Fantastic job getting people to voice and picture their views. Big thanks to Satish from Deccan Herald too for his telephonic interview. Meanwhile some more updates @ the BDA Jn... work seems to be moving again. -- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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Photoyogi's Amazing Pics !

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TS & Praveen - I was not able to locate Praveen's amazing display of photos on DH - or was it only a write-up ? Cud you give me some tips ? Did it feature on 30th or 31st ?
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Great that our efforts and thinking are getting recognized

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Deccan Herald atlast has recognized our thoughts and writings. Good going. Lets keep it up. Cheers to all!!!  If things happen the way in which we are driving the idealogy of transportation and infrstructure, it is even more cheerful.


Congrats Naveen.

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Thanks Vasanth

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Many thanks Vasanth - & again, it is praja that needs to be complimented ! comment guidelines

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