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Health insurance

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In India, private insurance promise to provide a certain amount of money in case of medical condition. This is not the purpose of health insurance. Health insurers have to provide guarantee that we will get treatment.  We dont have to know how much money they have paid to hospitals or doctors.. If the insurer, has paid x amount to doctor, do we have any benefit? The insurer only has to tell us which conditions are treated, and to which hospitals and doctors we can go to. Like if they cannot provide treatment for certain conditions in Bangalore, they could suggest us to go to Belgaum or some place. The hospital and doctor websites in US show which insurance they accept. The insurance companies have to negotiate with service providers to get us treatment. If they say they will pay money, it does not guarantee any treatment, and it will HIKE the healthcare cost.  Govt has to ensure that we are all insured at say 5% of our income.

All over the world, the govts are helping people for healthcare needs, here it seems gov is abandoning that responsibility. Also in most places, there are charitable institutions besides govt and private providers. Here there is a severe lack of presence from charitable institutions. Even when they are present, they seem to cater to the community which started it, not as a service to the humanity. comment guidelines

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