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Stress and KSRTC drivers

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Incidents of KSRTC drivers dying of cardiac arrest and stress related problems are on the rise.  The latest one being reported on 15-Apr-2012.  As if there is a divine intervention, in all these incidents, the drivers have either stopped driving or have swapped places with the second driver in the bus, thus avoiding absolute mayhem on the roads.  What can happen to the passengers

Railways can help Bangalore

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Railways can play a great role in taking over Bangalore’s transport.  Yes, take over!  This requires tremendous amount of political will though.

Few steps that can take us towards this are listed below.  As we discuss many more ideas are surely going to emerge.

Avenues & Boulevards of Mysore

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure
  • In the wake of MCC going on a road widening blitzkrieg, few of us are meeting the Commissioner of Mysore, few Corporators and couple of Ministers (depending on their availability) between 30 Oct and 1 Nov. 
  • Apart from a reliable public transport, Mysore also needs good engineering minds in the Corporation. Some of the roads have been widened from
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NO-PARKING zone violations

EnforcementPrivate transport

Too many violations of the No-parking zone can be seen all over the City, and 95 times out of 100, it will be private cars that violate this rule.  Jayanagar, probably tops this list.  Few observations -

Transportation Infrastructure - wasted expenditure and mess

InfrastructureUrban Development

Where would underpasses, flyovers and then elevated flyovers leave us? 880 crores for 9.5 kms, almost a similar amount for Jalahalli elevated flyover, a third one for the BIAL to cost 680 crores as on date apart from several hundred crores spent in satiating similar needs in various wards of the city. What is the kind of infrastructural mess that is being created and touted as great w

Streets for Mysore

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Reproducing some of the works Vadi and I had put together couple of years ago.  So simple and inexpensive, sustainable and looks neat.  MCC spends so much money but what we get to see is sad. 

Steel Flyover; what an idea?


A steel flyover from Minerva Circle upto Hudson has been planned by BBMP.

Help required for design of alternatives


[Promoted from a comment on "... End of Gandhi Bazaar?"]

Underpass at Tagore Circle - End of Gandhi Bazaar?


The pleasure of shopping on Gandhi Bazaar Main Road in Basavanagudi may be lost forever, if the underpass at Tagore Circle at the beginning of the road materializes. Yes, this proposal now seems to have moved and Deccan Herald has published traffic diversions to accommodate this project. I have put in all the pieces in a hurry. Sorry for any editing lapses.

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