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Should BMTC be privatised?

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Not the only option or the best question

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The right way of phrasing the question is - should public transportation be privatized in Bangalore Metro Area. BMTC could stay as it is, other players could join in on either all or selected routes. Some other cities have tried this in their own ways. Look at Delhi for example. And Kolkata too has private city buses (I think). And the there is Indore. The key question is - is BMTC Monopoly good for Bangalore? If yes, then how should the city monitor its service levels and performance? If not, then how should this monopoly be eased?
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I don't think BMT C needs to

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I don't think BMT C needs to be privatised! But private players can be let in (jus as silkboard suggested) BMTC can take a leaf out of the way private players function in Mangalore-Udupi. and in Kerala and let in private players
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what is required is effective competition

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BMTC/ --RTC's can remain - just like Indian and AIR_INDIA. What is essential is effective competition, and from reputed private sector players. I have already elaborated on it at And, the government needs to facilitate this. Muralidhar Rao
Muralidhar Rao
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going public

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In august 07 BMTC itself was planning on going public. anybody know what happened to that plan?
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statistical dead heat!!!

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vasanth, please give us an option to vote dont know. damn! statistical dead heat!!!
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No to BMTC privatisation..

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.. but yes to Silkboard's suggestion! We partially have private operators running their buses between KR Market to areas beyond Whitefield (Malur, Kolar etc). Of late, we've also seen private buses (I dont mean the 'illegal' matadors or minivans which are hounded by the cops) between Banashankari and Jigani, among others. Perhaps these need to be augmented. comment guidelines

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