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Signs for Proposed Bus Stops that have sprung around the city

Proposed TOOH Bus Shelter Sign Signboards on poles have sprung up all over the city announcing "Proposed Bus Shelter by TimesOOH".

In most places, these are next to existing bus shelters. There seems to be a connection with the Airport bus service as these signs are often next to the sing announcing the frequency of the BIAS routes, like in the photo (the existing bus shelter was behind me as I took the photo).

Anyone has any idea what the plan is? Are they going to replace the existing BATF ones (I sincerely hope not)? Are these the ones which will have digital boards with the expected arrival time of the next bus ?

Going by the past experience with another private agency (a world major, I forget the name) that got the contract to put up bus shelters on outer ring road and installed really crappy ones, I am not optimistic that TOOH will do any better.

The existing BATF era bus stops are the most attractive and functional I have seen anywhere in India. They just need to be maintained better by the agencies who have put them up.

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is it an Ad Campaign?

I look forward to some new busstops in the city that are ergonomic and passenger freindly. My only request i sthat, as cobbler shops, bus stops are excuses for billboards. When this happens, they do not serve thier purpose and make it worse for pedestrains. Advertisement money/revenue should be used in a useful manner. The revenue is so high, that people seem to want to put up anything for the sake of advertising.
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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BBMP's work - always in plan, running late.

Remember the news about BBMP doing 100 odd bus shelters for BMTC? We would have a post here as well. This would be a part of that I assume. TimesOOH = Times out of home media. I am guessing we will see some modern advertizing gadgets at these stops.

Found that post BBMP doing bus bays/stops for BMTC 140 was the number. And though we say bay, I think they'd just do shelters, not really bus bays. And these BIAS bus stops may be the pilots, doesn't look like they would be doing all 140 of them.

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Busstops and Buses

Since when have we seen the buses stopping at bustops and Bus Bays. Even the commuters await the buses at a point ahead or away from bus stops.  There are also times when the private buses keep watig to pickup passengers at busstops creating jams.

 probably, Bangalore is the only city where bus stops are stationed immediately after signals and at the entrance of the flyovers

This leads to a question, are bus stops really effective in bangalore ?. The answer to this q's is a Staight No . nd the solution is that the the bus stops need to be more scinetifically designed taken in to account the traffic flow pattern and the location. The usgae of this also needsto be propery implemented.

A board ndication location of busstops would not be sufficient

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