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Housing for the poor

the scheme of this new government for providing free housing to the poor / less fortunate is a welcome step.

however I have my suggestions / comments for the same

(1) the fact that India will be a developed country by 2015 / 2020 should be borne in mind when providing housing / facilities free of cost or otherwise to poor, downtrodden or any one.

(2) the house of 325 sq. ft area, as promised by the government is hardly sufficient for a family of 2 + 2. It should be at least 900 or 1000 sq. ft. with a compulsory small garden space.

(3) there should be sufficient space, at least 30 feet between houses.

(4) the construction should be left to privare MNC's like L&T, Godrej and government should just monitor.

Srinath Heragu

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Housing Colonies to combat land shortage

Srinath, you are quite right about the need for housing, and the lack of houses for the poor. Also, as there is a shortage, the rent/cost of housing is quite high. This is a serious problem.

Most Indian cities lack land, and the cost of land is the primary factor in the cost of housing. It is quite impossible to  build invidual houses for everyone, especially EWS. We need flats/apartments.

Even for flats/apartments, there is no land in the center of the city.Land outside the city will be used. A good bus service to the cnter of the city and jobs wil be needed. There must be a direct bus from here to the entire city at frequently intervals-not just to terminuses, but also to cover most of the areas of the city. Schools/hospitals etc must also be provided.

What is truly required is the creation of more housing units. It need not really be for EWS specifically-and anyway that term is not very clearly defined. It is far better to just increase the supply of housing, and the cost will drop.


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Thanks George for going

Thanks George for going thru' my article & for your comments

since India is  a big country (no space crunch) we can still go for individual houses; only if there is really a problem we should go for flats.

but whatever it is, the constrution should make sure that

(1) quality is very good in terms of sophistication, aeration etc. (when the EWS themselves get such a type of housing, the housing for middle class & above will definitely be world calss)

(2) such housing complexes should be self contained, so that the inmates need not travel for their basic needs

(3) the housing complexes should be planned  well (segregation of residential & commercial areas) so that there are no traffic jams within it or outside it

(4) the housing should be entrusted to quality conscious MNC's (different complexes can be given to different MNC's to introduce competion)

(5) the construction should be reviwed by Lok Ayukta

(6) for the transit population of EWS category, posh dormitories may be built

Of course as you said only when the supply exceeds demand wil the cost drop.

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