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Cops - Knowing them and their lives

Cops in US & Cops back in Bangalore have a Huge Difference that we all know.

But true facts which even a Teenage BPO Employee would not tolerate is what their life is. Included below is a TOI Article on their life.... & most interestingly their Salary & extra pay for their work on Special Day!

Everyone's frustrated with corruption today! We often complain about inhuman treatment we get at the Government Offices. We IT guys always curse the corrupt traffic police for the bribes they take. We complain of the treatment we get at the police Station when we visit to get an NOC when we loose our SIM card. We complain of them taking bribes of few hundreds for Passport Verification. We sit over for hours talking about the Corruption & Blame the system for the Apathy in our Society (We Forget we are the part of the System).

If we need to tackle corruption, We need to address at the grassroot levels. Lets create awareness about their lives and do our bit to at least respect them for their work!

==Abstract from a TOI article today==

"Overworked cops look for balance in life" (TOI Bangalore, May 26)

Plans For Their Welfare Always Remain On Paper (Bangalore):

Police constables stood guard in the scorching heat ... during polling. ... all this for a paltry pay of Rs 75 a day .... Every party ... makes tall promises to improve the police force and conditions of lower rung policemen. But ... the backbone of any police set-up, remains the most important yet neglected bunch.

The state has over 68,000 constables ... According to Akhila Karnataka Police Mahasangha president V Shashidhar, constables are a victimized lot ... "staff shortage has paralyzed the city police ... The working conditions are poor ... basic salary is around Rs 4,300. ... difficult to sustain with such a meagre salary ... "we are like bonded laboreres", said another constable ...

(Some stats)

Basic Salary: Around Rs 6,000 Uniform Allowance: Rs 50 House Rent Allowance: Rs 1,300 (12.5 per cent of basic salary) Special duty: Rs 75 per day Working hours as per the rule: 8 hours.

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Police and fire dept Funds

This is just an Idea that I got while I was watching similar activities.. If the police dept is fund crunched for any activity - they look to the public. At each police limits or fire dept limits they can raise funds from voluntary contributors... A big fund box and a couple of traffic cops can collect for a week from citizens who drive by. Remember this is totally voluntary contribution and there is no fixed limit on it.

I am sure a culture needs to develop to support our supporting structures like police and fire dept who need motivation to keep our lives going in an organized way. I am not sure if we as Indians are open to it but I am sure a try in this regard will definitely tell us where we stand. These funds can be used for lot of amenities like building police force or renovating a police station or provide good amenities for the police force. Any thoughts??

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I am afraid that not too many people will contribute to a charitable fund-the police/fire service have a rather poor image. Untill it improves, nobody will contribute.


A better way to give incentives to police to fight crime is by giving good rewards. Upon conviction, a portion of the person's wealth must be given  to the public prosecutor and all policement involved in the case. The percentage must depend on the seriousness of the crime-100% for murder/rape to say 10% for minor assault. This will give police/prosecutors and incentive to investigate properly and not take bribes, especially in serious cases. After all, they can get MUCH more money by doing things the right way.

There is not much cost to the public-after all it is the criminals' money that is at stake. Police will do a good job of unearthing hidden money/assets-it benefits them.

Will it lead to fake prosecutions? Perhaps-but the justice system in India is always based on the principle "innocent untill proven guilty" and even obviosuly guilty persons like Manu Sharma can escape. Innocent persons may not be punished that easily.

Besides, only very wealthy persons will be the target of fake prosecutions, and they can afford a good defense. In case of obviously malicious prosecutions, defense cost to be reimbursed by police/state.

 If the number of judges are also suitably increased, this will lead to a much better justice system.


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HI, While I agree on the


While I agree on the apathy towards the lower ranks @ any Indian police - this would no way justify any corrupt action - since they already have a mahasangha - it must have been formed for a reason and they are the ones who have to act upon this.

if not  we would have to support - a lot of folks like busconductors, home guards, etc etc. who have a similar work schedule needing our help, but can we help all of those?

The world works like this - there is no escape.

Some of us are lucky and some of us are not - however I don't see a lot of  police folks  complaining - may be they are satiated with what gimbla they get -

with all due respect to those who don't accept the gimblas - I feel proud to have officers who don't and I have met quite a few.

I am very naive and maybe should not have written the above - but I felt I need respond.

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