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Inter Modal Transit Terminal / Satellite Bus Terminus at Peenya

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Public Transport

while the construction of an Inter Modal Transit Terminal or Satellite Bus Terminus at Peenya is welcome, i fail to understand why the parking space is only for 257 cars and 813 two wheelers

probably this parking space has been planned only for the next year ahead. with India becoming a developed country by 2020 and the car number becoming very high we should have a parking space there for at least 2000 to 3000 cars and we should plan for the next 50 years (as I have alwys been stating).

land for this large parking space can be acquired right now if this land turns out to be excessive later, it can always be sold


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Good post!

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We need a multilevel parking facility with atleast 3000 cars and 5000 2 wheelers. They have to get things in place now and it will never work later. 257 is not even the number a small software company in India can plan for its office. We need to think atleast 15 years ahead :) but I am sure even 3000 cars in the parking area will fill up in todays scenario.


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Spare a thought

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Whilst cars & parking facilities are required, according excessive priority to them is also not required - there are several other types of users: Bicyclists & Pedestrains, who are equally, if not more important since they do not pollute the environment - they need to be provided facilities, too.

Click the below link to see an interesting slideshow :


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many thanks for going

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many thanks for going through my suggestion.

but it is definitely not MYOPIC VISION

presently each apartment owner owns at least one car; he would definitey like to go for 2 cars, if he is provided parking space; plus he will be expecting a guest on & off; considering all these the parking space required would be (2+1) * 100 = 300 cars; further India becoming a developed country in the next 2 years, a parking space for at least 500 cars will be just sufficient;

by the same stretch of logic, in a shopping complex, an average shop can be expected to cater to 10 customers at a time, thus 50 shops would be expected to cater to 500 customers at any time; if at any time the parking space is too big (which will definitely be ONLY a temporary problem), the parking space can be rented. as regards payment, we the Bangalore citizens wil have to bear the cost.

Lastly, I strongly feel that even these figures are not exaggerated but very modest.

Srinath Heragu

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you have permission to merge

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you have permission to merge my threads

also let me know how to merge threads

when I say parking psace for a building, I mean a parking sapce for any structure like a temple, mosque, church, hospital, theatre, shops, hotels, restaurants, houses etc.

Srinath Heragu

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Parking Space

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I am posting this as a blog entry as it will be a very good suggestion if implemented. We see lot buildings sprouting everywhere in Bangalore. Henceforth BDA / BMRDA / BBMP and all Municipalities & Panchayats should ensure that any building is constucted so that sufficient parking space is available. for example:

  • an apartment building with 100 apartments should have a dedicated parking space for at least 500 cars.
  • a shopping complex with 50 shops should have a dedicated parking space for at least 700 cars.
  • The provision of parking space by building contractors or owners should be compulsory & mandatory and should be part of building plan. The building plan should not be approved without sufficient parking space just as buildings or not approved if there are not sufficient number of toilets.

We, praja members, should strive & ensure that this becomes a part of BDA / BMRDA / BBMP / municipalities / panchayats rules, regulations & guidelines.

Many thanks

Srinath Heragu


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srinath sir, please consider merging this post with your other post about parking. becoz the underlying themes you are driving at, in both the posts is the same: rationalization of demand, anticipation and supply. multiple threads will only disperse your audience here and there, like the palike's current parking plan. :) If somebody just reads this thread, they will not know the context from which you are talking about the issue. one key issue you bring up here is regulations. that was not present in the other thread. that is interesting. are you suggesting that parking for structures including transit areas like bus stops, metro stations etc should be part of the law? please consider my suggestion and do let me know if i have your permission to merge the threads.
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Parking justification

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Can you please justify the demand for parking that you have made? 100 Flats - 500 parking seems over design. 50 shops 700 parking .. ummm this sounds great but some on is going to be paying for this. I am not able see the reasons or is it just my Myopic vision On a different note: I can tell you for sure more than 90% of commercial establishments in Bangalore have even the current parking allocation misused. -- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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parking merged

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the thread has been merged. please continue discussions here. comment guidelines

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