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bus ticket cost

i have small suggestions

the bus tickets issuedby BMTC may be in multiples of Rs 5 or Rs 10

but not odd figures like Rs6, Rs 13 , Rs 14 etc as this will cretae problem of change

Srinath Heragu

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Expensive BMTC and KSRTC

BMTC buses and even KSRTC buses are too expensive compared to other corporations. BMTC has not introduced the concept of "Transfers". If this is introduced, fares will be much more reduced. Now if a bus is changed, fare becomes even more expensive. In some routes, especially nearby places, 3 people travelling in Auto is more cheaper than buses.

KSRTC bus fares are increased constantly, especially on the Bangalore-Mysore road where KSRTC has monopoly. This April 1st there was a sudden increase in fare and the Volvo between Bangalore-Mysore now costs a whooping 200 rupees. Raj National Express, a private operator, charges only 150 on his Volvo for the same route, but the frequency is very less. Being a public service oriented company, KSRTC and BMTC should have the fares checked to curb the number of private vehicles. Otherwise it will lead to increased private vehicles. comment guidelines

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