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Note - Site structure changes

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We are planning a re-structure of the website so that we can expand the site to reach the citizens of various other cities and citizen groups in these cities. Below is the summary of changes in brief.


  • The migration work will begin late Friday (6th June) night and might take a good part of the weekend. We should be done by Monday morning. During the changes, you might encounter some downtime.

What is being changed?

  • Our homepage would contain brief titles of posts from all the cities. Clicking on the city's name title will take you to respective city's homepage and clicking on the title will take you to the post directly.
  • You can access the homepage of the cities by directly visiting Forexample, you can see the homepage of the Bangalore praja site by visiting
  • You can access the homepage of a group similarly by visiting For example, you can access the homepage of Save Koramangala Working Group by visiting

What do I need to do?

We will try to automate most of this as much as we can.

This is inconvenient; why are you doing it?

  • This move was necessary to enable the site to grow and become a platform that could accomodate newer cities and citizen groups that are working towards a social cause.
  • Since we do not have the luxury of dedicated programmers nor much of a previous experiene running a community website, our initial structure was fairly short-sighted. We hope this change in structure will make it easier for the users to locate the information on the site.

We will strive to make this change as smooth as possible. Thanks in advance for your co-operation.




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the website need not be changed

it can still be

once anyone enters this, he ot she can migrate to different citizens / cities by typing the city name

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