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Now a Majestic-Kanakapura Rd 18 km Mono

The state cabinet, which met here today, decided to invite brand new tenders for the proposed monorail project in Bangalore. Asian Infrastructure Consortium (AIC), a private company, is in the process of preparing the detailed project report (DPR) for the monorail. Initially, the mono rail will run on a trial basis (18 kilometres) connecting the commercial hub of the city - Majestic to Kanakapura Road on Bangalore's southern tip. Source: Business Standard "AIC has sought 60 days to prepare the DPR. Once the DPR is submitted, the government will invite tenders from global infrastructure companies," Karnataka's Primary & Secondary Education Minister Basavaraja Horatti told reporters after the cabinet meeting. The project has been proposed to decongest vehicular traffic within the city. The mono rail will act as feeder service for the metro rail project, which is being implemented in Bangalore. The state government has proposed to take up both the projects for the city as metro rail alone cannot address the growing public transportation needs. Meanwhile, work on the Rs 6,395 crore metro rail project has already begun in some parts of the city.


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Getting Stuck With Mono...

" MTrans is the proprietor of the design and manufacture of Kuala Lumpur’s monorail system." I did not understand what this meant, so looked for standards for monorail and realized there are none. Like metro is based on SG and all manufacturers work off that specs. But for mono there is no standard width and every implementation is of different width and even coaches are off different widths. these are the basics, then there is power requirement, other parts, station width and length etc... This means we cannot go to open market buy coaches or parts for the mono and will be left at the mercy of the company for ever or have to pay somebody else through our noses for them build custom parts for us. Then again what do you do if the company shuts shop? so add that to the costs. yeah right, 80cr/km. thats like printer sellers, who sell the printer cheap but milk you off the cartridge. and its not that this technology is something that does not breakdown either or needs no maintenance, seattle line has had a lot of problems. i know i am basing all this on the worst case scenario which has high odds, but the problem with mono is that the tech is so niche and raw, that best case scenario also has the same odds.
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New Designs for Monorail for S.Asia !

Hi all ! The KL based MTrans (ex-Scoomi) is designing a low cost high capacity Monorail system for S.Asian cities (India, Pakistan, bangladesh). It is likely that the govt is studying this closely as the designs that were offered /available earlier were almost as expensive as Metro & did not really make sense since capacity /cost gains were not attractive. For eg. the Las Vegas Mono by Bombardier cost a whopping 230 cr/km ! In any case, I still believe that a high capacity Metro on ring road is a must since growth is too high & it already resembles a city road !
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Atlast Asian Constitorium / Global Constitorium poked its nose.

Well Global Constitorium (probably a company of some influential person) which wanted to enter the Bangalore infrastructure scene by taking over BMIC, which ultimately was not successful now changed the name as Asian Constitorium and poked its nose in Bangalore infrastructure by starting the monorail - and that too just before the fall of Government!!!! I think that's why BMRC, which is supposed to work on the monorail project was 'made' to say it is difficult to handle mono along with metro. I don't know why - since everything is tender based it is designing the plan and monitoring the progress - why BMRC cannot handle? Well it was a very old story to have mono to Kanakapura Road from Majestic proposed by Kumaraswamy - After BMRC took over the mono project, it was discarded and a RITES suggestion based route was proposed - Again without any discussion / alignment of the plans with BMRC, same route that was discarded long back has been proposed. Something is fishy here. Well, Kanakapura Road runs almost parallel of 1 block to existing plan of Metro upto Jayanagar. Left side of the metro upto National College Circle, at National college circle, Metro will turn left and cross Kanakapura Road and again turn right at Lalbagh west gate and run parallel to Kanakapura Road. It is just waste of huge public money to favour a company. Even in Majestic, there is no place to handle Metro, KSRTC Bus Stand, BMTC Bus Stand and Railway Station - And now comes mono. If at all if Government wanted to start work on the mono front, it should have started it on Bellary road to the new Devanahalli Airport - because the new metro train that is proposed is still on papers. Let us wait and see what happens when the Karnataka Government changes.
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84 kms not 18 & Mtrans

The tottering H D Kumaraswamy Cabinet has put the mono rail project for Bangalore back on track by approving the technical and commercial proposals submitted by Asia Infrastructure consortium (ASC) under the Swiss Challenge System (SCS).

The ASC has been given two months’ time to submit a detailed project report and “Based on the report, the government will take a decision on calling tenders”. Under SCS, a project proposed by a private firm will first be vetted by the government.

ASC consists of MTrans International Limited, a Malaysian company, and Hansutta Finance Limited.

ASC has proposed to put in place 84-km mono rail with six alignments, which will act as a feeder system for the ongoing Namma Metro. The cost per km of the mono rail project, as per the Consortium’s estimate, is around Rs 80 crore.

The State government had earlier announced that the mono rail will be 51 kms’ long with four corridors — from Kanakapura road to Mysore road along the Outer Ring Road with a T connection from Katriguppe to National College, Basavanagudi (corridor I); from Bannerghatta National Park to Adugodi along Bannerghatta road (corridor II); from Tumkur road to Bellary road (III) and Mysore road to Tumkur road along Outer Ring Road with a T connection from Toll Gate to Magadi road (IV). According to official sources, the Consortium has proposed to not only to use these corridors but also added some more, increasing its total length.

Originally, the government had entrusted the task of implementing the mono rail project to Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC), a special purpose vehicle that is implementing Namma Metro. But the government suddenly changed its mind and took the project back from BMRC. It also scrapped all three consortiums proposed by BMRC as qualified for being mono rail project consultants.

Deccan Herald

MTrans Website (useless)

According to this article MTrans Transportations Systems Sdn Bhd would undergo a name change soon to reflect the brand of SEB’s parent, Scomi Group. According to that same article, MTrans is the proprietor of the design and manufacture of Kuala Lumpur’s monorail system. 8.6km route With 11 fully elevated stations, each between 600 - 1,000 metres apart, the KL Monorail is currently capable of handling up to a maximum 5,000 passengers per hour per direction (PPHPD), operating at 3 minutes headway with 12 numbers of 2-car trains. Takes approximately 19 minutes.

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Try a Google search on AIC and GIC

I put a Google search on Asian Infrastructure Consortium and Gobal Infrastructure Consortium. Nothing except the news on the BMIC and this new mono rail. There does not seem to be any such thing. If there is, then no websites. Seems strange isn't it? Time for RTI? Want to risk your life and limb? Business standard reports this ithout asking the tough questions. BTW - one of the two sons stood for Lok Sabha elections from Kanakapura in 2004 and almost lost his deposit if I am not mistaken :) That's here the Kaaakapur lin comes in. Srivathsa

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Metro will go to P Nagar

HDK has ensured P Nagar wil be covered by Metro through the proposed extension. I hope there is a stop called Deve Gowda Bunk :). With a painting of Machiavelli inside it :))

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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aha simultaneous comments on cabinet. wise men think alike or is it that fools seldom differ? :D
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what cabinet?

with half the ministers gone, HDK can do anything he wants isn't it :) I was expecting some monorail announcement, but expected something on ORR to align with newly announce Metro Phase-I extensions. May be there will be a BRTS related announcement to touch Metro stations on ORR. On lighter note, why till Kanakpura road? Why not till padmanabhanagar!? comment guidelines

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