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"Safe Passage" KR Pura Initiative by Chandrasekar K

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11 Oct 2008 15:00
11 Oct 2008 17:00
TrafficPedestrian Infrastructure

Venue: Greater Bangalore Industrial Association Conference hall #40-J Opposite. N.G.E.F Ancillary Estate, Dodda-nekundi Industrial Area, 2nd Phase, Mahadevapura Post, Bangalore - 560 048.

Date: Saturday 11th Oct 2008

Time: 3.00pm.

Invited: Community leaders of KR Puram Area, Praja members

Organiser: Chandrasekar K

Contact Numbers: 93412-29282 (Chandrasekar K) 4126-9814 (Ananthram PS)


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All the best Mr Kannan

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Wow! You folks are going so well on this. All the best for this meeting.

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Meeting with community members

  1. Safe passage project intention
  2. Insight for the need of this event
  3. Execution plan
  4. Members resposibilities
  5. Calender of events
  • All praja members are invited to participate 3.00pm at the above venue


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Minutes of Meeting on October 11, 2008

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  1. Being a Holiday Season, the Meeting started a bit late
  2. apart from Kannan, Anantharam and myself (Srinath Heragu), there were 10 people
  3. Encouraging point is that there were two new people, who desired to attend the meeting based on info available on internet
  4. Kannan made a good presentation highlighhting the genuinity of purpose, necessity of this initiative and its utility
  5. the location of 4 subways was explained with illustrations
  6. the pros & cons of skywalks, subways, staggered crossings etc were brought out
  7. Copies of signature sheets (sheets on which signatures have to be obtained) were distributed
  8. It was impressed that by November 25, 2008, 2 lacs sinatures have to be collected and submitted for implementation
  9. Anantharam brought out the faetures of Praja, its utility & novelty
  10. Ananthram requested the audience for its whole hearted support in achieving the objective as it is of immense benefit to the community
  11. Srinath Heragu brought out the singleness of purpose & approach of Anantharam, Kannan & Srinath Heragu in the sole objective of realizing the construction of the 4 subways on Old Madras Road
  12. The meeting entered on a enthusiastic & promising note
  13. Mr. Aantharam & Srinath Heragu requested Kannan to e-mail copies of his prez for fine tuning.


Srinath Hergau

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Excellent work all. Really like to see this go through One of the very good uses of praja forum



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Meeting Notes “KR Puram Pedestrian Initiative”

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Mr. Sreenath Heragu has captured the meeting transactions very nicely and accurately. K. Chandrasekars presentation was excellent and well delivered power-point presentation. Heragu’s plan to fine tune it is highly welcome. We could gather that there was a keen interest in the community of the KR Puram area in the project. The discussions after the presentation were very interesting showing the enthusiasm of the community in this project. My main observation was that the real need of the hour was to build not only the road infrastructure but also to educate the general public and the drivers of the busses etc to make use of the same fully and properly. We should have a campaign planed. “The project emphasis should be not only on putting the Infrastructure correctly in place but also to educate / enforce its correct usage.” I had to high light the suggestion made by ASJ on this issue. We should have both the Zebra / Staggered crossings with the traffic lights along with the pedestrian under pass. It was brought to the notice of all participants, with a clarification that the surface crossing is for disabled and senior citizes only while the underpass is for able bodied.
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Excellent initiative!  Hats off to Mr.Kannan for initiating this and to all who made it. 

2 lakh signatures will be fantastic if we can achieve that.  Many of us work in IT companies in EPIP as well E-City and can get a good number of signatures.   Even motorists have to be pedestrians at some points of time.  If we respect each other on the roads, our commutes will be much better.  Some message of this sort can also be part of the signature campaign.

I can put this up in my apartment block and ask people to sign - it probably does not benefit us directly but we all need to see how this can benefit us in the long term.

Best Wishes,



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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KR puram initiative presentation

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Can this presentation be posted so we could have a look at it ?



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Meeting on the 11th Oct. 2008

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Thank you Mr.Hegru for having captured the details of the meeting intact. I will send you the presentation for fine tuning. This is to acknowledge every member who could make it on the 11th and those who could not make it but have the intention of taking this on. Looking forward more and more participation like Mr.Srivatsa and Mr.Suhas, who have seen themselves into the project. I want to post the presentation on praja. Can anybody help me do this. I have a folder with PPT and Photos. CKannan
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Posting file

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CK, I dont think you can post a file on praja. However, there are sites on which you can post for free. One such is given below - You can then post the link on praja. Else mail it to me and I could put it up there. And while you are at it, can you also go through the document on geometric road design on that website and give me your comments



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Geometrc Road Design

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Hi Suhas, Here is the link for others like me to see it fast. Geometric road design Sorry to have done it without your permission. Gave a quick read. Excellant write up. was usefull. Here are two links. may be use full. BDA Gated Communities Impact of Gated Communities psa
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Excellent Initiative

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I missed this meeting as I hadn't checked it last week, pls let us know when is the next meeting. Myself and my friends will be attending going forward.
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Up Date “Safe Passage”, Bennagan Halli / KR Puram Project

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Hi vlnarayan Refer your comment of 16 October 2008. Two meetings were held first 0n 2nd and the second on 11 October, so far. All the details are in Praja thread 2 on the subject. We are planning to have the third meet in November fist week. We will put a post calling for help, as soon as the date is finalized. We will try and have it on a week end, with enough notice. Chandrasekar is on the job of getting the printing of signature forms. He is trying to fix a meeting with Mr. Haran a lawyer who is the MD of Association of Grinding wheels manufactures association and is a resident of KR Puram area. Mr. Haran will be of a great help to us in seeing the project through. The signature campaign is to start on November first as planned. Meanwhile we have to plan for further steps which are: 1. Plan a meet with Office of the ACP Traffic Mr. Praveen Sood. To discuss details of getting the pedestrian facility at all the four locations identified. a. Staggered Zebra Crossing with (hand operated) Traffic signals. b. Setting up a camera system for detecting signal jumping. c. Action to be taken for violations etc. d. Guarded Pedestrian Refuge. e. Proper Usage Campaign of the system 2. Plan a meeting with local MLA for getting necessary sanction for Magic box under pass at (in addition to the SZC) a. The main bus stand which is in the middle of a very wide 6 lane road. b. Second if possible at KR Puram Railway station, below the hanging bridge going over the KR Puram Railway way station. PSA
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Update by PSA

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Thank you for posting the update. We had been talking to some establishment to sponsor the printing of the signature campaign forms. We have not got any go as of now. But then we are finding other alternatives to raise funds Rs.9000.00 for printing forms and Rs.6000.00 for printing the board for the road show. In the meanwhile I will contact Mr.PCP Haran president Greater Bangalore Industrial Association, Bangalore. Mr.Haran is holding this honorary post, while he is also DGM of IR and Legal dept.,. at Saint Gobain. He had contributed to the industries by arranging various training and development programme. He has taken public and social initiatives towards development of roads and amenities. It would our strenght to have him onboard our safe passage. If any praja member can talk to establishments like hotels, shops and other commericial establishment to sponsor for the above said it would be of great help to start the campaign immediately. Such member should contact me so that I will provide the necessary input and write up. CKannan
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Meeting on the 14th Dec 2008

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It has been a long time I could not concentrate on the safe passage, since impact of slow down on my industry was high and needed most of my attention. I declare a breakdown in our progress. I wish to reschedule the initiative and wish that more praja will extend support so that we can accomplish this goal. In this regard I spoke to PSA and Srinath and have agreed to meet at Mr.PSA's house. Date December 14, 2008 Time 15:00 Hrs (03.00pm) Place "Asha Kiran", 1669, 9th main, HAL III stage, Bangalore 560075. Contact No- 080-4126-9814; 98440-01591. Land mark-1 Indiranagar BSNL Telephone exchange on 80 ft road, Land Mark-2 Friends Bakery, on 80 ft road, 9th main Junction corner. Since more support structure needs to be discussed for accomplishing the goal, I request more praja to participate in this venture. CKannan
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