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Street event - Commercial St. Analysis

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2 May 2009 07:30
2 May 2009 08:30
Pedestrian Infrastructure

The idea of the meeting is to acquaint ourselves with the geography of commercial street, get a clear picture of what is possible and create a plan.

Lets do it early morning so that it is not crowded and we dont have to worry about the traffic and the noise.



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Sorry forgot to mention the exact place where we can meet.

How about we meet in front of the association office just like last time.
Association office is just above ICICI Bank on Dispensary Road.

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Fine with me

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7.30 AM is a good time. We need to walk down 4-5 different roads within a radius of 1 km. 1 hour however is a bit optimistic, may take a total of 2 hours.

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Who else is coming ?

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Hey people, who else is coming ?

Can we have an electronic show of hands here please ?

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I Can't make It

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Shekar /Das,

Much as I would have liked to, I am unable to make it for this event. Await your observation report/s.

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I'm in

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I'm going to join

Deepak Rajanna

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What happened ?

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I was wondering whethere there have been any further developments on the commercial street pedestrianization project. I saw Das' SlideShow presentation - it is very nice. I hope it had the desired effect on the authorities.


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