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Monthly Praja-Bangalore meet for Feb (moved to 21st)

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21 Feb 2009 07:30
21 Feb 2009 09:00

Our monthly Praja meet (2nd Saturday mornings) for February. Shall we meet at Cubbon park this time? Lalbagh is not so central a location for North Bangaloreans? [yes, Cubbon Park, near central library]. 7.30 am.

Agenda from my side - discussion and update on 2 ongoing activities - 1) Lokayukta RTI project, and 2) plan to build a non-partisan election discussion sub-site.

A reminder - we have not been able to work on the main action item from last meeting - site front page restructure.


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Request for the exact timing.

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Hi, What is the exact time the meeting starts, so that i can join. Thanks and Regards. Veera
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Location please...

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Where in Cubbon Park? Near Central Library?

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Moving this to next week, apologies

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Due to travel etc, I have been unable to make the venue etc clear for this meeting. Allow me to move this to next week please. Let us organize this postponed meeting better, in fact, if someone can volunteer to organize and run these monthly meetings, that will be just great.

BTW - anyone can organize a meeting and invite Praja members, veeracb - if you have a group going for Namma Auto, feel free to organize a meeting sooner instead of waiting for next week.

Sorry once again for last minute change.


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Folks, I am a new joinee, just jonied today, will prefer to meet you all at cubbon park, near central library on 21.02.09. How can I Identify you guys? My contact number is 98866 39925. Please reach me for further info. Caring Bengalooru, Kalpana B G
Caring Bengalooru, Kalpana B G
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We are on - Cubbon Park, Near Central Library

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Cubbon Park, Near Central Library.

Use this contact # for last minute coordination and planning: 9845301075.


  • Announce an election sub-site we are doing on Praja, and get feedback
  • Lokayukta, BWSSB and JNNURM-Karnataka tracking - updates on RTIs
  • Call for a Praja volunteer to popularize, own and run the Bangalore monthly meetings




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a very polite request

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hi, i'm a new member to this group.I could just make up for only one meeting. I'm sorry about that. The main issue is that, i've my MS classes on saturday and so, couldn't come regularly. My humble request is this, can the future meetings be on sundays. If this is feasable to you all, Please do consider this. Otherwise, no problem, i will have a look at the meeting minutes posted. thanks, srinath
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no big 10, or HO-HO ride for now

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Muralidhar Rao
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Time too early

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I want to meet enthusiasts. (though i keep posting, havn't attended ur meeting) It would be gr8 if the meeting starts at 9 am. If it breaks the tradition or inconvenient, please continue with your good work.
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We need a time change, will do from next month

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Lets run a poll to get the best time/venue and day (sat or sun). But since this one is too close, lets keep at at 7.30. We will be there till 9. So folks can come in anytime before 9 if coming early is a problem.

BTW, we picked up early hours (7.30), because it minimizes impact on our schedule for rest of the day. Many folks have asked for this to be on Sunday. Perhaps Sunday 8.30 am may be better from next time on.

And btw, anyone is welcome to come forward to anchor/run/own this monthly meeting. A program manager type person will be excellent :)

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Praja Meet

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Hi All,

Just got back to town. I will also try to make it for the meeting tomorrow, 7.30 AM (if I can get over the jetlag by then !).

SB - will try to co-ordinate the next meeting (we can discuss at the meeting itself).

Feels nice to be back amongst praja-sevaks - I need a cap as well !

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future meetings

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Good to have you back, Naveen! See you Saturday.

Sunday, 8.30 AM at Lal Bagh (North Gate), followed by Masala Dosa at MTR, would be perfect for future meetings

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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I am in

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Welcome back Naveen.. Meet you guys tomorrow.
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And lets make it a green meeting

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How about using public transport to reach the meeting destination. If not this time - lets make it a point from next time on.

I know all of us are busy - but it is not excuse to not use public transport - lets practice what we preach :)

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Where is Praja Monthly meeting Minutes?

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I havn't seen any post on minutes of last Praja Monthly meeting? comment guidelines

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