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Cross the damn road - Now Feb 7

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7 Feb 2009 10:00
7 Feb 2009 11:00
InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Venue: Foot of K R Puram cable bridge where Old Madras Road and Outer ring Road merge

Date and Time: Saturday, 31st Jan, Feb 7, 10:00 AM (I wonder whats the busiest time here on a Saturday)

Details: The chaos may not present itself in its best form on a Saturday morning, but let us get together and experiences the joy of crossing the road here. The main objective though will be to comprehensively scan and photograph the area and think of solutions. We will mail all the pictures and output to NHAI, Traffic Police and BDA, and use them to create visual representations of possible solutions

Disclaimer: You are responsible for your own safety. Neither nor myself will be responsible for any injuries you might sustain during the course of this event.


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The trigger

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Not that the chaos of KR Pura bridge is a recent discovery. But I got to share the event that has triggered this barrage of posts on this area.

Here is what I witnessed last week. A child, student dressed in light blue uniform ran onto the traffic on OMR. He emerged from that "hole" in the barricade on the median. After escaping being hit by a motorcycle, the kid made a retreat, and almost hit a Tata ace on his way back to the median. He ended up 100% safe, but it wasn't funny to see any of this.

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Only Rithesh and I?

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Just the two of us is it? Would welcome some more public photographers and public analysts :)

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I am there

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The Safe passage was intended for the same location.

I have some inputs to be given in this regard.
  1. Saturday is not a peak day for the people movement.  It is on all working day.
  2. The traffic chaos starts at 5.30am at K.R.Puram junction.  That is when all the inbound trains arrive and the movement of Autorickshaw are so hapazard, complemented by the out bound trucks.
  3. Location's that needs time to be spent is K.R.Puram Railway station, Tin Factory Junction, Benniganahalli in front of ICICI Bank and ITI Colony.
  4. There can be some immediate solution for the vehicle and pedestrian movement at K.R.Puram Rly station junction.
I will post some photos of these location and provide a link

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I am in !

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Hi, First of apologies for staying away from Praja activities. Not that I have ever been very active, but I do try.
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Photos Uploaded

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A solution for eastbound OMR/ORR lanes

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This comment has been moved here.


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Can we move to the following week - Feb 7?

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Kannan, Rithesh, Vishal - can we move this to Feb 7? I want to go to the cycling workshop instead.

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Objective to be met

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Any day is fine with me Feb 7 is OK. Will try and catch up some more photos CKannan
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Other junctions!

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Dont know if this is the right thread to post my point but i feel there are dozens of kr purams junctions in the city! Take the 'signal free corridor' to the airport for example. There are absolutely no facilities for pedestrians to get across the road. I had a terrible experience at the cauvery junction last week.Though young and athletic it took me over 15 min to cross the road. Vehicles keep zipping at high speeds that there is no possibility of getting across, and the medians are narrow and high, one cannot take refuge in them. I cant imagine the plight of the elderly and school children. With our sensless authorities, the only magic box pedestrains seem to get is the coffin!
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I will be there at 10am

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The sentiments of Sound Horn Not are true, of course. However the point is only to high light this very bigger issue, put forth correctly by SHN.

I would also like to collect my book from CKannan when we meet on 7th at this event.

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Lets start early

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10 may be a bit too late.

My take would be that we meet up at around 8:00 - the traffic is at its peak around 9:00.

Mr Kannan what do you suggest?

Also by 10 the sunlight will be too harsh for photography.

Cheers, Rithesh
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peak time is a little late on Saturday

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I have noticed that 9-10am is the peak hour on Saturday. Actualy, 8 am is not that crowded even on weekdays. I cross this stretch every weekday (coming from whitefield side) at around 8 to 8.45 am, so speaking from observation.

Who else is coming. It will be great to get a few photographers.

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phone # for last minute confusion

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Call 98453-01075 for any last minute confusion. Be there by 10, near HP bunk, marked below:

If you are not familliar with the area, be careful that you have to move around a lot to take U turns.

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