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Lokayukta all set to break speed breakers..

Another goof up by the BBMP is the placing of sped breakers which are erratic and they come in all sizes and shapes causing misery to a driver and has been the cause of many accidents..

But there is some hope for the citizens of Bengaluru...

According to news reports Lokayukta Santosh Hegde has decided to inspect the spped breakers around the city and remove the unplanned and unmarked speed breakers. Most of these speed breakers were responsible for road accidents, even deaths.

On Monday, a couple Rudresh and Rekha died after their two wheeler failed to negotiate a speed breaker near Kotigepalya Circle on Magadi Road, though he immediately hit the brakes a speeding truck rammed from behind killing the couple on the spot...

The speed breakers are at places where they are not required causing traffic congestion and delays.

Hegde is now planning to hold a meeting woth the DG and IG of Police , the city Police Commissioner , Traffic police Commissioner and BBMP officials to discuss the placement of speed breakers across the city and highways.

According to Santosh Hegde " To make matters worse , some stretches in the city have no road studs, reflectors or reflecting paint. Something needs to be done about it."

The Lokayukta said the city police have to take immediate steps and identify such rogue speed breakers to check incidents like Kotigepalya..

Lets wait and watch !

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Many other methods of traffic calming

I have heard this before. Its not a question of spead breakers or no speed breakers. [Or road divider walls or no walls] It is a question of approaching the whole road design in a comprehensive, structured, well thought out,  and planned manner. Unfortunately, I dont see that approach at Praja as well.  Like the 6 blind men and the elephant, every person puts a perspective, which however right, can potentially create more problems. It gets really sad after sometime, a loss of life which was quite avoidable.

Coming to the current problem, slowing down aggressive driving, can be called as traffic calming. Speed breakers is one way, but it is only one of the ways. There are a number of other methods. Chaneelising, traffic islands, narrowing lanes, shrubbery/visual and many more. Unfortunately it takes study,work and discipline to get to the optimum design for a given road and intersection.



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Did it need lokayukta?

What was the CM doing or the BBMP/Police officials doing?

Shame on the officials who need dead people and orphan children to get working! 

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Lane discipline

This accident should also should be a time to reemphasize lane discipline. Trucks and two-wheelers should not be on same lane especially on high speed roads. There are signs everywhere telling trucks should not on the third lane, which obviously is not followed.
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Element of surprise

 Whenever a new road divider or a new speed breaker is introduced, because of the element of surprise, accidents are highly probable. To avoid this it is all the more important to alert the road users by providing proper blinkers at proper locations at the time of introducing new speed breaker or dividers. This is common sense. Unfortunately this commodity is not so common. It is high time a proper legislation is passed to make it mandatory to provide safety precautions like blinkers before such new restrictions on traffic flow are introduced by the road designers. Users should be spared of such surprises on the road.


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more on the unfortunate tragedy..

"Anusha was with her grandmother when the incident occurred. Rudresh, owner of a tools and dye-making unit in KHB Colony, was riding his scooter with wife Rekha. She owned a beauty parlour in Basaveshwaranagar. A speeding lorry hit the scooter at a traffic signal, killing the couple on the spot."

source -

Interestingly though, there is no mention of a speedbreaker either in the above article nor in the one below -

"A speeding lorry rammed into the scooter the couple was riding from behind, as Rudresh stopped the two-wheeler at the Kotigepalya traffic signal. The couple was killed on the spot, police said."

source -

From reading the above articles is appears that they were stopped at a traffic light when they were hit from behind.

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Signages for speed breakers?

Now that the speed breakers are there, why can't the police department put-up signages about speed breakers? According to law, they are supposed to put signages a few meters\feet before the speed breaker.
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No doubt speed breakers are

No doubt speed breakers are necessary to regularise traffic besides they help in avoiding collisions when there are intersections. But there are certain specifications to be considered while laying down these speed breakers.Here in India it can be done in manner , at any place by anyone. Once I happened to see a few villagers busy piling up soil whcih resembled a hillock right across the newly constructed Hunsur highway, because they wanted motorists to be careful of a little lane leading to their village from the left, which  in no  way disrupted the traffic on the highway or the traffic? that was going into the village . At best there would be a few bullock carts going through that lane other than the bicycles and two wheelers....




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Lokayukta all set to break speed breakers..

 its really sad to hear that people died at speed breakers.. in some ciits civvic body are getting example that Blore got good raised pedestrian crossing and similar shall to construct in there city..

these types of accident at speed breaker / or at raised crossing must bring into notice of public eye!

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Mysore City has most unscientific road humps/speed breakers..


The heritage city of Mysore has the most number of unscientific road humps/ speed breakers (only recently a semblance of scientifically laid humps are found in some strategic points).  Every lane in the old city area in Mandi Mohalla, Tilak Nagara, etc., have such horrible speed breakers laid by the citizens themselves or in connivance with the authorities.  Example: The Umar Khayyam Road between Bamboo Bazaar turning upto Farooquia Dental College has 4 speed breakers to jerk/jarrrrr  yourself from the drivers seat.

An unscientific hump near St.Philomena's college, shattered the silencer of my car and it cost me a fortune with my pension money to get it replaced. 


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