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BBMP elections, Outer ring road and Flyovers Underpasses

It seems the Rs 300 crs needed for 10 underpasses to raise money for which GoK formed a Land corp (sell encroached recovered Govt lands and was unsuccessful) in Oct 2008 has suddenly become 450 crs now to be used for 8 flyovers.

Even though flyovers are now discouraged b y the National Urban Transport policy in favour of lanes for cycles, and non mpotorised modes of transport the gok is consittently pushing this to satisfy lobbies

On the other hand the rural health insurance scheme suddenly does nto have 10 crs of Rs so each farm household with 8-10 people are being forced to pay 150 / individual amounting to 1500 /- to be a benficairy

talk about skewed priorities 

These reforms are creaeting more oppsition and killing successful schmes effectively

with all the talk of BMTC trying to subsidise the rich through high rates of tariff for the poor b(ref KV Pathy) seems like BENGALURU IS BEING SUBSIDISED BY THE RURAL FARMING FOLKS 


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Bengaluru being subsidized?

PA sir.

First of all, you know these statements will lead to nothing but argumenttive and opinionated talk. Some past posts from you on BBMP elections were informative, but unless you tell us something new, its may soon get a bit repetetive.

Please don't play that rural vs urban card to fan things. Use numbers to make the same point in analytical ways. It will be a decade before Rural Karnataka starts subsidizing Bangalore city, you need to check current stats from revenue department on Bangalore's share of taxes vs rest of state. Not that I want it to be that way, I will love the day when Bangalore's share will drop down enough that you and me will be talking local governance on or instead of spending all the time on Bangalore and Mysore!

Factual stuff, or new insights please, just making a humble request sir. We all know how to crib, and also know what stuff to write to fan emotions etc. But most of us chose not to do that here.

About flyovers, GoK, via ABIDE, is on record now saying it will discourage flyovers. They are all focused on making ORR a corridor right now. And at least the pan of record for Big10 corridors is to have dedicated lanes for buses. So there is some improvement if I try to see the positives recently.

Lets fight for the right things, and not just complain for the wrong. Would love to see you at our next BMTC meeting, I think you are very knowledgebale in city's local matters, would be great to hae you join in.

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Similarly, Black board bus is subsidising Volvo/Vajra/HoHo/Big10

SB Sir,

PA Sir has touched a very tender nerve in me and I will be failing in my duty if I do not reciprocate his feelings - way to go Sir.

SB Sir, Sorry to come out of hybernation - so soon.  You have rightly said "Let us fight for the right things".

I find some sort of similarity in PA Sir's posting about "subsidising city folks by rural farmers" - this is akin to -

"Are black board users subsidising Volvo/Vajra/HoHo/Big10" - refer to post "Stratified BMTC service..." 

- Vasanth Mysoremath 

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BMTC buisness plan for Volvo

As a divergent  issue but going on BMTC's apporach 

They decided to outsource advertising revenue to a Mumbai based ad firm so that each volvo becomes an advertisement bus. They would have break even in 3 years with full ad revenue generated

BUT, since buisness plan  bombed during recession

so Volvos are under loss and also need to be subsidised by others 30-35 lakhs passengers in red and black board buses I agree with VKK sir. comment guidelines

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