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e-Mail to BBMP (Bus Shelter Design)


Here is a copy of the email I sent out today to commissioner (commissioner at bbmponline dot org) and joint commissioner (works) (jcworks ar bbmponline dot org), BBMP. I know it is probably not going to of a much impact, but thought should just try. Something is better than nothing, right?

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Dear Commissioner,

Your efforts in providing modern bus shelters in Bangalore is really commendable. I have used a couple of them, and really appreciate the convenience it provides.

Thought I should bring the following items to BBMP's notice, hoping that these might make your good effort better, in case you haven't come across these already. Please forward to the concerned:

One issue I see is that these new bus shelters seem to invade into already limited space pedestrians. I had seen some nice, space saving shelters while I visited Madrid, Spain. Found this picture on the net, and thought should share it with you.
Please visit this link when you have a minute.
The first picture in the article is of such a shelter. The billboards on the side are not support structures, and may be entirely done away (or mounted in line with the rear) in Bangalore. I understand the financial contraints we might come across, and ours need not be as flashy, but hope you get the idea.

In case someone in BBMP needs some text to help draft specifications, here is a link that might be useful. This Project for Public Spaces article discusses busshelters in detail.

My two paise to help you in your efforts.



Just another Bangalore Citizen and a Praja member

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Bus Shelters

Yes, I do find that people tend to collect in a shady spot near a bus stop instead of the actual bus stop - so oftentimes even if there is a bus bay it is not used, and the bus blocks traffic when it stops. Also, for some reason, even if the entire area is shaded people prefer to wait about 20 mts in front of the bus stop - I suppose there is some fear that the bus wont stop unless the driver sees a bunch of people.

So a good bus shelter would go some way towards reducing the chaos at bus stops. I also feel, though that driver should be made to close the doors and open them only when they stop at bus stops. This seems to be the case with the Suvarna buses but not with the regular buses. comment guidelines

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