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Admission of shoddy works

Today's DH reports CM BSY vented some on the state of public works in Bangalore. Read details here.

Finally somebody waking up to ground realities? Or passing the blame and claiming a higher ground? You decide. Eitherway, any improvement in monitoring quality of public works is welcome!.

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Well, I was surprised some

Well, I was surprised some time ago when BSY commented that the  new airport was shoddy - shortly after he returned from the US after becoming Dr. BSY.  I must say that I have found the airport to be very good anvancd efficient - the only complaint I have is that the departure area is a little small if there are several delayed flights - and the food in that area is overpriced and awful. And the toilets could have been designed better - with a separate entrance and exit and no door.

But coming back to the matter at hand its amazing how shoddily constructed the new overpasses and underpasses on Bellary Road are. The CBI junction overpass feels like a roller coaster. I think the road is not even parallel to the ground - it seems banked to the left. The one at BDA junction is no better. They seem to periodically be remaking the road below the Cauvery junction underpass as well. Its a good thing that he has commented on this.

Personally I feel there should be more citizen involvement in local execution of public works. CItizens in an area should give their approval before a project is deemed completed. What I find is that the contractors do half a job - dont build the road all the way to the kerb - or make awful unusable footpaths - and then the project is said to be completed and, if its a major thing and some important day is coming up, formally declared open.

In Mumbai they have started something called  Advanced Locality Management - where citizens can give their feed back regarding such things to their local wards  and perhaps some such thing will work here as well. It seems to have worked quite well in some places in Mumbai.


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I agree with rs about BIAL

rs: I tend to agree with you on BIAL. A lot of noise was made about BIAL, but it is not really that bad. And what I found strange about BSYs remarks was that he said that the road leading to the airport was 'shabby' and 'potholed'. According to me, after taking the road towards BIAL from NH7, one gets an almost 'International feel'. That road is probably the best in Bangalore, a little better than NICE road too!!

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The magic boxes

I guess after a string of failures BBMP has realized the magic box is most suitable for ped underpasses. They tried to fit it for vehicle purposes but it has not shown to work. The spin off from all the experimentation is they have perfected the art of installing the magic boxes in 24 hours. They have learnt what works and what doesnt. So as long as they learn from the failures I am fine with the experimentation they have done. Yes we have spent a few crores more and got horrible underpasses at a few places but I prefer that over people pocketing the money and buying sites for their kith and kin.

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Actually I think the

Actually I think the over/underpasses made by BBMP, at least on Chowdiah road, work quite well - its just that I dont know how long they will last. I think in fact they need to make more along the way, as well as numerous locations where they should make pedestrian underpasses - at Cauvery, BDA junction, Kodigehalli, Hebbal Flyover among others. One has to see, though, what happens during the rains.

Its not clear to me why the construction is so shoddy - I dont think making a wobbly road costs any less than making a level road. 

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