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RTI Help - Garbage not being collected for disposal

The garbage collection has stopped happening at my apartment a few weeks ago. The people who used to come to do it were demanding 50 Rs per house per month! Now I'm wondering how I can go about getting them to collect the garbage on time everyday. I was thinking of going the RTI way and asking for details about the contractor, his responsibility and why he isn't collecting the garbage from our apartment on a daily basis. I need to know how to go about doing this. And secondly, would this be of any help? I'm in the Bytaranyapura constituency, ward 6 as per the new ward delimitation. Any suggestions or help is welcome.

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Here is the info for filing a RTI !


 You can find all the ifnormation that you need to file a RTI application here "".

If you have any specific question, pls PM me.


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Call BBMP at 23636671

Before jumping to file RTI, do call BBMP. I can't read kannada, so can only pick out a phone number from this RTI information brochure for Bytaranyapura:

At least for Jayanagar, I recently bought brochures that have detailed routes.and timings for garbage collectionand in south bangalore area. The brochure had phone numbers of agencies (to who this work is outsourced) as well as number of an engineers.

Call BBMP - 23636671 I guess for your area, and ask for the details (frequency and timing of collection), or then ask to lodge a complaint about garbage collection not happening on time.

At least in J P Nagar area, this process helped (frist hand information). Try this in your area and let us know how it goes.

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More help resources from BBMP

Roshan, please try these:

email complaints [at] Also call their 24 hours helpline at 080-2222-1188. They seem to be responding to complaints these days.

If no response to your calls for help, please email commissioner [at] and copy aait [at]

Do try above, and please let us know how it went. Your success would encourage others to call BBMP with their complaints. And if you dont hear back, we will go to BBMP and ask why these systems are not working.

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Thank you guys for your

Thank you guys for your suggestions. I'll call up the number provided and based on the response decide on emailing them. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes.
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Booked a Complaint

I acted on the suggestions given here and called up BBMP complaints number to register a complaint. And now I'm actually hopeful that at least some one is gonna come and look into my complaint if not solve it.

I'll just put down the numbers I called in case I need it later.

Sunday (11th Jan) I called 080 2222 1188. As soon as I said garbage collection, he gave me one more number to call up.

Sunday(11th Jan) I called the next number - 080 2297 5585. Like the previous person, this guy was courteous and helpful and gave me another number to call for the Bytarayanapura area and asked me to call that number on Monday after 7 AM.

Monday (12th Jan around 9 AM) I call up the number 080 22975936. That guy first said he'll write down my complaint. Then he decided he'll give me the health inspector's number to call instead and finally he asked for my number and said the health inspector will get in touch with me. Again, very courteous and patient.

Later in about 10 mins time I got a call from +9180 41626160. He asked for the details again and said he'll look into it.

About an hour later, on my way to office, I get a call again from +91 99020 87480. He asks for my address and assures me that he'll come and check out my complaint.

In all cases the people were very courteous and helpful. I was quite surprised as I wasn't expecting this. I'm sure my complaint will be looked into, but skeptical about what action will be taken. I'll give it a week's time and if nothing happens, I'll send email to addresses mentioned above with pictures of garbage lying on the roadside.

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Good going Roshan, so they do respond

Sad thing that most of us don't make use of their helplines. I remember Lokayukta Mr Hegde telling us that even their helpline gets only about 40 calls a day (for the whole state!).

If BBMP indeed acts on your complaints, do post a new blog or forum so that we all make note of your effort and bring BBMP helplines some good publicity.

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I would like to thank all of you for providing lot of information about grabage collection.
Yesterday I complained about irregular Garbage collection at my place to the BBMP control room for health.
Suprisingly today a Health Inspector of my ward came to my place and assured me that the Garbage collection will be regular from now on.
Hopefully it happens that way.....
Thanks everyone...

Maximus is Minimus....!
Maximus is Minimus....!
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RTI application format


I've made such a RTI for my use, but yet to file. May be you can use this. You can contact me @

1. Name of the Applicant:
2.Constitution: Individual
3. Address of the applicant:
4. Telephone: Mobile/ e-mail ID:
5. Particulars of Information required:
My information request is regarding civic amenities maintenance in L.B. Shastri Nagar locality, Ward-22, Vimanapura (Ward no. 77), K.R Puram CMC, Greater BBMP.
1.      Which local body (Municipal office /panchayat/BBMP) is responsible for maintaining civic amenities, sanitation, garbage collection and disposal activities in L.B. Shastri Nagar (Ward-22, Vimanapura, Ward no. 77, K.R Puram CMC, Greater BBMP)? Please provide the name, designation and official address of the officer responsible.
2.      Is the garbage collection and disposal activity currently being performed by the concerned local body or handover over to an external party on contract basis?
3.      Kindly provide information in case the garbage collection and disposal is provided on contact to a third party:
a.      What are the detailed terms and conditions on which such activity is provided on contract to a third party? Please provide details such as number of houses to be covered, frequency/periodicity of collection etc.
b.      Please provide a copy of the agreement made with such contracted party. Also, please inform the period of this contract and the total amount payable to the contractor.
c.       When was the tender for this activity published and how many parties had responded to the tender. Also please provide the price quoted by each of these parties.
d.      Are the households in L.B Shastri nagar (Ward-22, Vimanapura, Ward no. 77, K.R Puram CMC, Greater BBMP) required to pay any charge to the contractor for collecting their garbage and if yes, what is the exact amount payable?
e.       In case the garbage collection / disposal do not happen as per the conditions prescribe above or if any undue charge is demanded from the households, which officer is to be contacted for making complaints? What action can be taken as per rules against the erring officials?
4.      Kindly provide information in case the garbage collection and disposal is handled by the local body itself:
a.      How many workers and involved in this activity of garbage collection/dispoal in L.B Shastri nagar locality (Ward-22, Vimanapura, Ward no. 77, K.R Puram CMC, Greater BBMP) and how many households are covered by them?
b.      What is the periodicity of collecting garbage and what are their work timings? Please mention whether these staff members are required to collect on a daily basis or in any other frequency.
5.       Is there any mechanism and requirement for the staff workers / contractor to segregate the garbage collected into various types based on their bio-degradability?
6.      Which place is earmarked for dumping the waste collected and where is it located? Has the officer responsible for maintaining civic amenities ensured that the waste collected is dumped at this specified place only? Kindly provide any inspection document prepared by the officer after visiting the dumping ground.
6. Information request covered by the Provisions of RTI Act:
            Kindly provide the required information requested as per the applicable provisions of RTI Act, 2005 within 30 days from the receipt of this communication. Further, u/s 7(8) of the Act, if any of the information sought above is held by another public authority, kindly transfer the application or such part of it as may be appropriate to that other public authority and inform me immediately about such transfer.
7. Application Fees: Indian Postal Order for Rs. 10/- (Rs. Ten only) with ref.  dated  favouring, payable at Bangalore.
8. Mode of sending RTI application: Thro Registered Post, Acknowledgement due (RPAD)
9. Declaration: I hereby declare that the information sought by me does not fall within the exemptions contained in Section 8 / 9 / 11 / 24 of the Act and to the best of my knowledge pertains to your office.
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Will someone who has succeeded by using the above methods please post his experience.

I have been trying all the above means (except RTI) without any net result.

Garbage is being dumped by the contractor himself by the side of my residence.


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Rs. 50 is not high

Sorry for being slightly off topic. I think Rs. 50 is not high. Let the charges depend on the quantity of the garbage. I also believe everyone should play a role in garbage treatment with compost bin etc. The hotels and all should be made to follow stricter enviroment standards and pay higher amount.

But strikes especially in essential service like garbage collection is not desirable.

And thus speaks the nouveau

And thus speaks the nouveau riche of bangalore. pay your taxes, but hey, india's like that. i'll pay some more on the side to the contractor who is supposed to be doing his job. after all, we are like this only.

Just used the helpline, positive response

Garbage was not being collected from my house in JP Nagar 3rd phase for 3 days. I called up the BBMP central helpline (23469520) at about 10:15 am today morning. Took the complaint number from them. Got an automated SMS from them which said as follows: Dear XXXX, Complaint SLA is 17-Nov-2009 10:46 and RO OFFICER details are South-G27 9886880134.

Soon after that my garbage did get collected. And at 11:15am I got a call informing me of the same.

Keep it up BBMP. Thats what we expect.

PS: Note that I am a great user of helplines. I've called up for garbage, sweage, potholes, streelight repair, water leaks and what have we. And everytime I've been pleasantly surprised by the response, the courteousness of people I've talked to and action taken.

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Good work, Zehawk! With your

Good work, Zehawk! With your permission, I am posting this success story on a few RWA Yahoogroups.
And, hearty welcome to PRAJA.
Muralidhar Rao
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BBMP must ensure that the

BBMP must ensure that the contractors to whom the collection of garbage work is entrusted is also made responsible for disposing off the garbage so collected. BBMP Staff favours the contractors for some reason or the other and allow the contractors to dump the garbage in public places like, parks, near temples, vacant sites etc and allow the garbage to decay. The 13th Main Road, H A L Second Stage, Bangalore  560 008 is a standing example.  I request the Chairman of the committee Mr. P N Sadashiva to keep the above in mind while awarding and signing the contract. comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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