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M G Road Coffee House a thing of past?

This is one landmark which was quintessentially Bangalore..

Much before the CCD's and Baristas entered the scene, this place was a hangout for all and a more affordable one at that!

Even school kids could afford the toast at this place..

should it go?

Do not think so!
This can as well move to the plaza station of the metro where it can cater to many more, the way they have been doing all these years!

kbsyed61's picture

Heritage to preserve!

Not sure how many of you at least know that this kind of place exists. It is kind of heritage that Bangalore portrayed as blend of modernity and conservative legacy. Authentic filter coffee with Butter Toast. Masala Dosa with Cold coffee. I still cherish the moments I have spent in both Coffee houses. It is my wish and pray that it continue to serve the taste buds of Bangaloreans and others for another couple of centuries.


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CH end of an era

is the coffee house going? that would be really sad. it marks the end of our youth and all that it signifys!

Tragic event

It is indeed a tragic event that Coffee House will close down soon. For that matter, CTR in Malleswaram has been slapped with an ejection notice by it's owner.

Such ugly concrete and glass is going to replace iconic institutions. Thankfully, some icons like Koshy's will still remain despite modern day 'Empire' hotels. Thankfully MTR will remain as well.

But this should also be seen from the viewpoint of the owner. Tenants stay over decades, refuse to pay market rents, cause intolerable nuisance and rental laws ironically give more rights to tenants than owners.

It takes 48 hours to eject a tenant in Dubai and 4 years at minimum to do the same in Bengaluru.

Unless ownership laws and tenant enforcement is clear and quick, such forceful ejections are going to be the norm. 
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Soon to be a distant memory !

For many old timers of Bangalore especially those living around the M.G.Road area , this little place that had been in existence since the late ‘50’s, had many precious memories, times when they used to queue here for that hot, refreshing cup of coffee along with a Masala Dosa/Scrambled Eggs on Toast early in the morning...I personally have a lot of memories attached to the coffee house , right from my childhood when we were taken there for a Masala dosa/coffee treat by my father, and later with my friends and family... I know change is the order of things, but some changes are hard to take- changes like this one ! http://kiran8-various.blo...
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CH - Fond Memories

Kiran8 - I miss those days too !

CH was our father's favorite for coffee during an outing on MG rd & it had always been a delight to visit the place. Even now, I do not miss an opportunity to have a cup of coffee if I pass by that area. For old-time bangaloreans like us, this is a part of our history being erased. I guess we have to face up to it, for change is the only thing that's permanent.

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Fond memories...

Yes you are right Naveen ! those were the days...
But personally speaking, it becomes more and more difficult to accept some changes as you grow older...

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Bangalore, the way it was, must be preserved

Bangalore will not be same without the icons that defined it. These icons gave Bangalore its character. Like the Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha, MTR and many more, India Coffee House on MG Road is one of the landmark, physical and emotional in Bangalore's journey. It has always been one of the places that bustled with life as long as it was open. A place for everyone, it belongs to everyone. Old timers recount their the time spent there, current generation will also talk about it being 'cool'.

It is not really the filter coffee or the masala dosa or the breat toast that matters, it is the place, the feeling that is more important. When everything around is changing due to commercial considerations, and all landmarks look alike (with glass facade and glossy walls), Coffee House has 'that' charm.

Please let us all save it. If it  is because it is making losses, let us visit it everytime we are on MG Road, so that it can be brought out of red. On their part, of course, the management should think seriously they also need to run it like a business (the attitudes of the staff needs to become better, alongwith the cleanliness of their dress and presentation). For help, they just need to have a look at the other India Coffee House outlet situated diagonally opposite GPO.

And please do not shift it to any other place (like within the upcoming Plaza Metro Station). That would be disaster. comment guidelines

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