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India Shining

I bought the Booker Award winning book by Arundhati Roy in 1997, but could not complete reading it. However I did not realize this Man Booker award winning "white Tiger" by Arvind Adiga was something different. It is not just different but earth shaking. Yes I could not stop my laughter which was oozing like natural spring water and rocked my chair when reading the book several times. It is Subtle forthright and hard hitting at the same time.

the Independent Book Review, and the book too. I have a copy.

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reading it

Didn't want to initially, as some friends said its the "India from western eyes" type of book. But it may be not.

Knowing you are so very vocal about disparity and inequality, I knew you'd like it.

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Facts are stranger than fiction

If Adiga's book was earth shaking, then may be you should consider reading "Everybody Loves a Good Drought" by P. Sainath. A journalist's view of the poor India, we in urban india take may things for granted - its the people in these poor remote areas of the country who are suffering - and the worst thing is there is no one to hear to them also.

About Adiga's book - yes the way he presents about how things happen in India is good, but somehow i didnt find the book very exciting.
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Earth Shaking


It was only a pun.

When I read a funny sentence in the book my chair rocked. Not because the novel is literally earth shaking. I wanted to copy the author’s style of delivery. May be a poor copy I am afraid.

I was trying to emulate the White Tiger guile, for fun (not a pun).

Thanks for the reference Other reviews on the book from Amazon are given here

Will try and catch up.

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Japanese Invented the Mobile

Finally I finished reading the book, “White Tiger”.

In Bangalore you have a choice. If you want to be good you can be good. May be that is why Balram Halwai the hero of the novel chose Bangalore, not Mumbai or Calcutta, to settle down.

Ritesh, still I like the book. It is hard hitting with lot of unprintable words and sentences. Except that it is hilarious.
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I am glad you liked it sir

Ananth Sir,

I am glad you liked the book sir. I am also happy with the kind of attention the book is getting. Atleast for once will the urban elite read about the conditions in our rural regions.

Sir, but do read the other book that i suggested. It may not have all the flair or the publicity of this book, but the facts presented there are hard hitting. The condition of some of the people our *Shining India* is no better (or may be even worse) than the people of the sub saharan africa that we so often see on TV.


PS: Very rightly quoted about Bangalore, isn't that the reason why the Praja is so active here ;).
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Nice information

Hello Booker Award winning Arundhati Roy and another great author Arvind Adiga. I read books of both author. Really very nice books they wrote. I also read The White Tiger book. Really very nice and fantastic.

Thanks for your nice info.
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