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A political awakening

The Mumbai attack could be a significant moment in our country’s history in an unexpectedly affirmative way. As we demand more of our politicians—and we must—it’s time to also demand more of ourselves. Maybe the latter needs to come first.

A highly readable article by Ramesh Ramanathan in MINT. Click on:

Muralidhar Rao

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"Politicians need protection"

Gowda felt he had been treated unfairly with regard to security cover. “There was acid attack on my wife and my son H D Revanna’s wife. Even now, we have a threat. But I don’t have NSG or SPG personnel to guard me. Even an ordinary MP from Bihar and northern states gets Z category security, but not a former PM (referring to himself),’’


My counter point would be

Politicians are not entitled to security as a birthright. They need to have the people who voted them and pay for it to approve their security. The acid attacks etc are risks they created due to their rivalry with their peers. They use the typical tactic of bringing the other person down and hence winning rather than getting the confidence of the voter and getting themselves voted to power. They bring personal risks on themselves by behaving like goondas and creating enemies. This is not good leadership and reflects poorly on their aptitude and attitude. For security risks they brought on by themselves they have to pay for it from their pockets and hire private security.


If there is genuine risk that comes due to the fact that you are representing a population and there is threat to your life because of defending that then ask the permission of the people who pay for security before taking it.

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Rightly said IDS

For most of the politicians security is a matter of pride than a necessity.

See this TOI report http://epaper.timesofindi...

Around 10,000 security personal are directly employed only for the security of 422 VIPs (That's more than 20 people for each VIP) in Delhi. And as many as 1700 NSG commandos are also involved. I doubt if there is anything as demoralizing to these commandos than to server as guards of these so called VIPs.

As much as 180 crores (up from 117 crores last year) is spent only on the Special Protection Group meant to protect PM and former PMs and VIPs. And the total amount spent on NSG - 158 (down from 159 crores spent last year).

I read somewhere that Mayawathi has employed a couple of hundred police men and private security people (some even trained in Israel) for her personal security.

And WE THE PEOPLE of India are left to the mercy of our humble constable with a .303 rifle (that is if he is able to load them).

Murali Sir,
All these hype will last for only a few days, and will be conveniently forgotten until the next attack.
It will be interesting to see the response of the urban middle class elite to all this. Will they boldly take to task our degrading political class or employee private security to protect themselves.
I already see the rhetoric falling down. After all, in India no one is bothered till something actually happens to them or to the people close to them. And then there is this golden rule - Public's memory is short (and here in India is even shorter).

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