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Open Threat

Quote from article about kannada display boards by Nov 1 

"On Oct. 31 night, around 10,000 KRV workers will go round the city checking display boards of shops and if they find English- only boards, they will either bring them down or blacken them." 

Karnataka Rakshana Vedike have been in the news for all the wrong reasons everytime and yet the govt tolerates such statements and even supports them, there is no additional statement from our police Commisioner Mr Bidari. I would surely like to hear from him on what he has to say about 10,000 people vandalizing the city which im sure will happen anyway even if they find Kannada boards across. 

I feel sorry for my city and the govt for being helpless.
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the blinds' elephant!

Mr. Sandeepmr, I would like to spend minimal time to remark upon some points you've made note of, when it comes to *receiving* this "open threat": 1. There're always going to be different ways a blind guy perceives an elephant, and in finally realising it is an elephant lies the goal of this blind guy's life. 2. Perspective is what all this is about, and if you feel something is *wrong*, and you dont want to come out of that state of mind, you'll continue to feel that as *wrong*, no matter how many people around you have realised that is not the case! 3. KRV has been in the news, but you say - "for all the wrong reasons" - perspective again, my friend! 4. I feel the same perspective led you to understand that Shakespearean line in your own way and build your particular vision about a city! 5. Your assumption that KRV would come to the streets pulling things down, even if the boards were in Kannada simply goes to show the immature level of your understanding of the vision that KRV stands with, for its people, for its land, and for its language/culture. That you feel KRV's words are a threat (to who you dont seem to know clearly) shows that you have already accepted as given, that the conditions KRV mentions wont be met, and that you feel having boards in Kannada (also) in Bengaluru is tabu, or something "tough" to achieve. If you dont have that confidence to get the city represent its people (taking the true sense of Shakespeare there...) I suggest you join with the hands that can make this happen, and not feel the threat instead! -Nijavaada
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Commissioner's clarification

Excerpts from today's TOI:

Kannada signboards: Following a government order on signboards in establishments, where Kannada has been made compulsory, police commissioner Shankar Bidari has made it clear that only the labour department can enforce the same, and not any individual/organization.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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praja, why?

Well, in all that we've been noticing here on Praja, the most common factor to all we discuss, and perhaps the reason for Praja's very existence, is the underlying omnipresent failure in the public sector - I mean failure on the part of all such *departments* that the govt. (of whatever kind) has appointed. And here in Praja, if we were to claim credibility to be able to stand beside the govt. (and its officials) and join hands in the work that the govt. was supposed to be effectively performing, then we also ought to agree that there could be other organizations more than willing to assist the govt. on other lines - ones such as these enforcements. The methods of involvement being different, is just because the problems that these two *bodies* are dealing with, are also pretty different. The problem KRV sees in the system is far deeper inside the system to be easily apparent, and is something that's bound to rot us all from within, if ignored. And it is because of such outbursts of *corrective actions* that such underlying pictures of our ill-fate are becoming evident to us. BTW, people who can read Kannada here may want to visit this ( for much more clarity on this (much needed) perspective. -Nijavaada
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I Could not agree more with NIJAVAADA

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