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Jaime Lerner's Presentation at TED Talk (BRTS, design and city planning)

I stumbled on this nice TED talk by Jaime Larner. Jaime Larner is an architect and urban planner. He is well know for the BRT systems that he introduced in Curitiba (an industrial hub in South Brazil)as a mayor of that city. He is also know for converting the gridlocked commercial artery city into a spacious pedestrian mall(!!!). More about him here - and here - In this talk at TED he talks about how he transformed his city and about usability, design and aesthetics (something completely over looked in this part of the world). My favorite quote of his talk was - "The car is like your Mother in Law. You have to have good relationship with her. But she cannot command your life. So when the only woman in your life is your Mother in Law - YOU HAVE A PROBLEM". Here is the video - comment guidelines

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