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BTRAC - New TMC, 20000 road signs

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BTRAC TMCAs the newspapers reported, work began on a brand new Traffic Management Center for Bangalore on October 6. Its being designed by the same guys who have build Network Operation Centers and Data cnters for IT companies, the facility is going to be similar to those - lots of screens on one big wall and seatings or cubicles besides it for policemen to watch and control cemeras and signals:


Around 100 enforcement cameras and 800 vehicle-actuated, solar-operated traffic signals will be operated from the centre. Variable Message Signs (VMS) will be put up and operated from the TMC, conveying live information to road users about diversions, road accidents or rallies.

Going by the tenders at KRDCL, the only new and significant BTRAC one I find is for installaing 20000 road signs at a cost of Rs 8 crore (okay, so its Rs 4000 to get and install each new road signage board). Nothing else of note in terms of tenders on BTRAC in last one month or so.

Talking more about of BTRAC-2010, there was an enthusiastic effort to provide monthly updates on Bangalore Traffic Police's website. Sadly, after May 2008, there haven't been any monthly progress reports on signals or cameras. However,, the work is definitely on, see this new TMC, and I did notice new traffic lights at 2-3 locations. We wont know about surveillance cameras though, if theere are still only 40 of them, or more.

PS: One thing noticable is that KRDCL has a good looking new website, and they are now doing tendering through GOK's eprocurement system ( I had talked about it few months ago, will dig more to know how this procurement portal can help with more transparency.


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B-TRAC etc.

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It seems like there are a lot of new signs being put up all over the city. Now if they would only enforce the laws.... Also - it seems like B-TRAC's website has vanished - which is a rather bad sign in my opinion. Does anyone know the reason ? In fact over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that the police have been enforcing more laws and in general there are more police around. I think that is a good thing and hope it lasts. comment guidelines

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