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Eating up the lake?

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Looking down from the skies, you feel as if the two lakes (Bellandur mark#1, Varthur - mark#4) may have formed a single water body in distant past. Not sure if that is true, but streams of water still connect these two lakes. Zoom on google map (around marks #2, #3) to see what I mean. However, the satellite images on google map are about 4-5 years old. Notice low levels of construction around the streams back then. Now, compare and contrast the older satellite images with some recent pictures below, and tell me if any of this could be illegal encroachment.

Lot of activity near Outer Ring Road, why not? Everyone wants a piece of ORR. Anything suspicious here?

Move a bit east, past ORR and across the railway tracks. That digging/leveling like work in the center of this picture seems suspicious for sure.

Last picture, lot closer to Varthur lake now. Looks clean, isn't it? Thank God the builders haven't started eying the lake yet!


NRSA survey

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Sometime back, some villagers successfully managed to get the NRSA (National Remote Sensing Agency) to do a satellite survey of the original lake extent and managed to take M/S Bagmane Developers to court over what the developer had encroached.

CRZ (Costal Regulation Zone) regulations apply to land surrounding lakes. I am surprised (or, rather not) such regulations are not enforced in Bengaluru.

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Yes, they are connected. water from bellandur spills over into varthur and water from there eventually joins pennar river.
that is why ejipura etc get flooded.the first picture is scary.

meanwhile ...
BDA has launched a programme to rejuvenate 12 lakes in the city. (The Hindu)

Arkavathy Layout Banashankari 6th Stage Layout Visvesvarayanagar Layout
Jakkur lake Talaghattapura lake Ramsandra lake
Rachenahalli lake Konasandra lake Konaghatta lake
Venkateshapura lake Sompura lake Ullalu lake
Sampigehalli lake Anjanapura Layout

Kothnur lake
Only 11 in that list that the hindu provided.

What they want to do:
The rejuvenation programme involves removal of silt, creating paths for runoff water to enter the lakes, repairing sluice gates, developing walking space along the lakes and clearing encroachments wherever found.
“We want to create durable assets by turning the lake into a beautiful spot where people can come and enjoy,” said BDA Commissioner H. Siddaiah.

How are they going to do it?
The water bodies transferred to the BDA by the State Government fall under the jurisdiction of the layouts developed by the authority. The lakes have only been transferred to the BDA for maintenance, but the ownership remains with the other government agencies that own it.

The BDA, which is in the process of preparing detailed project reports (DPRs) for the lakes, will seek assistance under the JNNURM.
In its budget for the coming financial year, it has earmarked Rs. 25 crore for the rejuvenation programme. While not ruling out private sector participation in the effort, the BDA Commissioner said that it was “not a bad idea” but it remained to be seen if “private participation is possible under JNNURM.”

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Eating up the lakes?

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Even the yediyur , Madivala and agara lakes is in bad condition....I dont know why Govt. doesn't do regular maintainance for these lakes.Why there is no strict policy to save these lakes when there are strict policies for building bylaws, traffic checking and all others...maybe saving the lakes will not yeild any monetory benefits....


There were so many lakes in Bangalore but now its all gone......





“An act of charity by the citizens questions the worthiness of the government.” 

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LDA website

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For whatever it would be worth, I tried leaving a note on their website (http://www.ldakarnataka.c...). But the feedback form doesn't work! Also tried calling the number mentioned on their site. No response (tried today).

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World's wettest area dries up

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World's wettest area Cherrapunji is facing severe water shortage due to deforrestation. This was mentioned in BBC. Its sad to read that article once known for the most wettest land in the world is now the driest place. What has the GoI done to safeguard the pride.

 There is also mentioning that in Karnataka alone nearly 43,000 lakes have been disappeared.. Which builder or minister took it!!!!  ( )

When a layman does something Govt makes sure he will become like a dead vegetable but when ministers or Govt does that who is to be blamed.



“An act of charity by the citizens questions the worthiness of the government.” 

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Have emailed LDA ceo again

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Mailed this to ceo [at] ldakarnataka [dot] co [dot] in. Lets see if I am second time lucky.


I had emailed earlier about possible encroachment on the natural canal that connects Varthur Lake with Bellandur lake. Please see some pictures at:

It might be that the work being carried out is authorized from LDA. But I just wanted to ask you to make sure. If LDA is not doing anything in this valley, then do you think there is something wrong with what looks to be construction work in the area?

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