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How about a Bangalore related Projects library?...

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Public Transport

Imagine a single portal (a book or pages of gyan) where we could log in and see:

> A chronicled listing of all projects related to Bangalore City

> Info on the project, initiator, bidder, project executioner, stakeholders, time schedule, contact details for those involved, weblinks

> Chronology of events (extracts from available info, and references)

> Details of delays and escalation

> Reason for the project, Impact studies, demonstration of benefits and drawbacks pre and post project execution

> Impact to Environment and quality of life, Sustainability 

> Media and public response

> RTI related info, prior RTI responses, where to go, what is pending

> Project plans, drawings, documents, certificates, clearances

> See and update current project status

> Pictures from our own PhotoYogi & other friends

> Post implementation details (such as the mess related to BIAL connectivity)

> Post implementation statistics - how well did it help solve intended issues, what do stakeholders think and make of  it, analysis

> Maintenance needs, periodicity, cost of upkeep, monitoring of upkeep

> Other Issues

Above are just a set of points that came to my mind as I wrote. Suggest updates you think needs to be in there. It is quite possible SB and others might even have started something similar already... let me know if you did.

Now can we get something like this done here? Once all of us praja members know where the skeleton is, and in true spirit of Praja (know, care, participate) regularly update the pages when we find info or pass through these areas daily, we can create a very useful library pretty quick.

What do you think? Can we start by compiling your links and previous posts on specific projects here first? We have to start where we have more visibility, and certainly these blog posts seem  to be a place to bring more info. I'll learn how to create Gyan pages and I am willing to spend some time compiling info from posts here into gyan pages.





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Here is one of the example links...

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In this post, I had some (very little to be Gyan) details related to Anjaneya Temple Flyover.



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good idea

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Thinking about a way of doing it. It has to be community edited page or section, because just a few people can't keep such project list current. comment guidelines

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