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The changing face of Bengalooru lakes over a 9 year period - a study

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 The latest version of Google earth has introduced a new feature of viewing the earth at different periods of time, starting with the year 2000. This allows us to see the changes on any part of the earth over a given period of time starting with the year 2000. I had listed in my earlier blog entry about 48 lakes as on May 15, 2009. Here I give a list of of 43 lakes, with two links, a and b. The link (a) pertains to an earlier time where as the link (b) is for current (May 2009) period.

  1.  Abbigere ---------------------------------------- a,  b,
  2. Agara       ----------------------------------------  a,  b,
  3. Akshya Nagara --------------------------------  a,  b,
  4. Anchepalya -------------------------------------  a,  b,
  5. Attur ----------------------------------------------- a,  b,
  6. Avala Halli --------------------------------------- a,  b,
  7. Bagmane ---------------------------------------  a, b,
  8. Begur --------------------------------------------- a,  b,
  9. Bellandur ---------------------------------------  a,  b,
  10. Binnamangala --------------------------------  a,  b,
  11. Chikkabanavara ------------------------------- a,  b,
  12. Daddabommasandra------------------------ a,  b,
  13. Devasandra-------------------------------------  a,  b,
  14. Doddabidirakallu -----------------------------  a,  b,
  15. Doddanakkundi---------------------------------a,  b,
  16. Dubasipalya------------------------------------- a ,b,
  17. Garve Bhavi Palya ---------------------------   a, b,
  18. Gottigere---------------------------------------    a, b,
  19. Hebbal-----------------------------------------     a,b,
  20. Hesarghatta----------------------------------     a,b,
  21. Hesarghatt------------------------------------     a,b,
  22. Horamavu Agara ---------------------------      a,b,
  23. Hoskere ---------------------------------------     a,b,
  24. Hullimavu--------------------------------------    a,b,
  25. Jakkur-------------------------------------------    a,b, 
  26. Kacharakanahalli----------------------------    a,b
  27. Kagdassapura-------------------------------    a,b,
  28. Kalena Agrahara-----------------------------    a,b
  29. Kengeri Kere----------------------------------    a,b,
  30. Kelagiankare----------------------------------    a,b,
  31. Komghatta-------------------------------------    a,b,
  32. LB SastriNagar-------------------------------    a,b,
  33. Madivala---------------------------------------[    a,b,
  34. Matti Kere-------------------------------------     a,b,
  35. Meenaxi---------------------------------------     a,b,
  36. Puttanahalli----------------------------------     a,b,
  37. Sankey----------------------------------------     a,b,
  38. Singasandra--------------------------------     a,b,
  39. Ullal-------------------------------------------      a,b,
  40. Ulsoo-----------------------------------------      a,b,
  41. Yelahanka-----------------------------------      a,b,
  42. Varthur----------------------------------------     a,b
  43. Veerasagara--------------------------------     a,b,

Kindly browse and give your comments if any. Casual scrutiny is not revealing, though. There are no maps seperately for the earlier Google earth data. This makes it difficult to visualise any change in land use authentically.

An onsite study is perhaps in order.



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Something not correct!!

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     Indeed you are working on an important topic. But, I guess, the two links provided here are the same data ( ie. the same date and location). I can believe if the surrondinngs of the lake have witnessed no change over the decade. But, can the shape of the froth over the lake be exactly the same?


-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Yes I agree

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 The two seemed to be identical. Yes the froth was also identical. I have now replaced the earlier links with those giving the Google Earth pictures at different years directly. we can see the difference with this correction. Thanks Mr. srivastava V.


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Excellent work sir

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My God, such excellent work, and so hidden and buried on Praja. Well nothing new, but I will take your lake out pics of some lakes that have seen big changes in this period 2000-2009 and highlight the point you have made here.

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Reviving the study of changing face of B Lake

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It is now almost 4 years since sept 2009 comment by SB. Lot of water has flown since then.

Planning to down load the most recent version of Google earth, to contunue the work further.  A huge area of the lake bed is being claimed for commertial purpose since then. Click [1]

Bellandur Lake is approachable from behind this Temple near Sarjapur road fly over

As seen behind the Temple wall. It was a feat to take this picture beyond this 5 feet [?] heigh wall though!

I could have gone near to the water, but was difficult to walk on the difficult terrain without a proper foot wear.


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Thank you sir, eagerly awaiting ...

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... searies of satellite images of the area, from as far back as possible (year 2000?)

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A meeting with the head of

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A meeting with the head of google operations in asia pacefic,at Bangalore may be useful. This can be thought of as and when required.

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Not needed sir. here, 2 pics of Bellandur Lake, 2002 and 2008

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Great contact sir. But why bother him right now. Unless its tough to pull out old satellite pics ourselves.

Meanwhile, pulling out pics from your earlier work.

Here is May 2002

And in April, 2008
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Abbigere Lake

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Finally could make it. Bit frustating to learn all over again!

Abbigerte Lake Nov 13 2002

Abbigerte Lake April 13 2009

Since I have migrated to WIKI maps [Which have Google and other maps appendage] I am not able to lay my hands on Google maps now!

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Agara Kere

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Agara Kere Nov 13, 2002

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