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Bagging it the green way

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 There was a big hue and cry sometime back as I remember about plastic bags. However I see that use of plastic bags continues unabated. I believe that thin gage plastic bags are discouraged in favor of thick gauge ones. Disposing plastic bags is an environmental hazrd for the future generation. According to a recent estimate Bangalore generates 32 tons of plastic waste every day.


“Say no to plastic bags” is a project of Mr. Rajendra Rane. Phone: 98802-96654  e'mail:  

I am really excited by this project of Mr. Raj. Will be contacting him.





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No to plastic bags follow up a yr later

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THIN PLASTIC BAGS WILL NOT GO AWAY. Scrap PLASTICS all types have been used successfully by KKPWM co Bangalore & Thyagrajar college of Engg Madurai in road laying. Bangalore has 1000 km incl Ring Rd, chennai 1500kms rural plastic roads. Key is collection, sorting, cleaning, bagging &  then wait for use. Process has been tested by CRRI & Bgl Univ and approved by Min Env Forests. TN rural work was under Pradhan mantri Sadak Yojna. KKPlastic Waste Mgmt may not be ready to collect any scrap when there is no order.

This is where private areas/ college / residential areas that operate on private road laying work can come in. Include clause inthe contract for use of Modified Bitumen with polymer. KKPlastic Waste Mgmt will supply modified Bitumen (proper percentage of Plastic incl ). ACTUAL ROAD WORK CAN BE DONE BY SOME ONE ELSE. THEY WILL OVERSEE the bitumen mixture and temp of work. You can then get in touch with them how to gather all such waste plastics fr Bangalore. Modified Bitumen with Polymer has been studied in Universities in other countries. The end product has better properties. NO potholes & life of 6 to 10 yrs..

Once waste plastics are cleaned , powdered/ cut & bagged they can be sold off to other users in other states. Cleaning / sorting/ bagging raises price of item.

Keep the No plastic bag drive on. Make some enquiries on the other related issues comment guidelines

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