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Taking Rain Water Harvesting more seriously

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It is good that the BWSSB has finally realised that only about 50% of it's current water supply is metered and billed for. It is equally good to note that it has come down heavily on IBC Knowledge Park (the building hosting Accenture et al) on Bannerghatta Road for water theft.

IMO, BWSSB should take rain water harvesting seriously. Former Tamil Nadu CM, J Jayalalithaa took RWH very strictly and had it forcefully implemented in Chennai and throughout TN.

Similarly, Bangalore has very good potential for RWH. A study by Shri A R Shivakumar of Karnataka Council for Science and Technology revealed that given favourable conditions, a site of 60 X 40 dimension receives enough rainfall to provide for water needs of a single household for a year or more.

BWSSB should act on this fact. It should survey areas which receive high rainfall and send notices to homeowners there to mandatorily install RWH for their residences. It should give a three year time frame for all involved.

After that, in areas of high rainfall, piped water from BWSSB should be charged high rates, so that it encourages rain water harvesting. In moderate rainfall areas, piped water rates can be moderate and in low rain water areas, less.

This way, prices, which act like signals and incentives, optimise rain water utilisation and effecient use of resources. comment guidelines

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