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Safe Passage: Minutes of 28 Dec meeting

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

During the two hour meeting the following was discussed:


  1. Revisting the slow down of the project. It was understood that there was no loss of intrest that had slowed down the project but for some personal problems. The project came to life with the meeting.
  2. Forming of Managing comittee. It was thought of more contributing praja members to come forward to contribute in moving the project up and with speed. In order to the same a managing comittee should be formed. This social movement cannot depend on one individual or a hand full of people.
  3. Volunteers to put in action The design of the Safe passage write up, some to write for the news papers some photographs and so on.
  4. Selling the idea of social responsibility. While the advertisement of tata tea, and idea mobile have displayed astounding social responsibility of luring the citizen to participate either to bring government or to decide what the govet. should do. We at praja should take this example and talk to sponsor on this platform
  5. Schedule of the meeting. All praja member should attend fortnightly meeting, and most importantly those who have volunteered to participate in safe passage. Some of the learnings that have got by others can be of great help in pulling this forward
  6. Involve more citizen charters We may not be the first, let us discuss with some known citizen charters to involve them and find the possibility of their support.

Action plan:

  1. On the above ground the managing comittee right now with 3 people will meet possible sponsor's of the signature collection event.
  2. Collection of signature
  3. Meeting for gaining moment to meet concerned authorities
  4. Formulate the follow up plan.



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Safe Passage: minutes of 28 Dec meeting

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We, Chandrasekhar, Dr. Heragu and PSA met at the scheduled time. The main points discussed were as summarized below: 

1. there should be a committee of members for the task on hand so that in the absence of any member, others can keep the project going. 
2. As of now a committee comprising of Mr. Chandrasekhar, Dr. Heragu and PSA is formed. 
3. As a first step it was decided that all the three above members would get their Praja visiting cards printed.
4. Chandrasekhar proposed that some prospective sponsors and active prominent citizens could be approached for support in the signature collection campaign to start with. 

The meeting ended at 12 noon.

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minutes of meeting from Heragu

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ssheragu HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL PRAJA MEMBERS MINUTES OF THE MEETING ON safe passage initiative ON DECEMBER 28, 2008 The meeting started slightly behind schedule, as I (Srinath Heragu) reached late. 1. Kannan explained that the reason for slow progress in this activity was because of the effect of global recession 2. He expressed that because he would be required to be on tour in view of his business interests, a management committee would be required to be formed to handle this safe passage initiative 3. A one page pamphlet would be designed and made ready, explaining the reason for this initiative 4. With this pamphlet prospective business houses would be approached and explained about the initiative and requested to finance road shows near their establishments 5. Press can be invited to these road shows and asked to give wide publicity to this noble initiative 6. Simultaneously a large number of signatures should be collected during the road shows 7. With these signatures and wide publicity, BDA would be ready to implement the required number of underpasses 8. As Kannan would be busy until January 3, 2009, PSA, Kannan & Heragu would meet andappproach one or two business houses in the first week of January to start with The meeting ended on an enthusiastic and hopeful note of achieving this noble cause at the earliest. thanks Srinath Heragu comment guidelines

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