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idontspam's Statuses

Transmogrifier » idontspam Admittedly, my opinion is mixed on EBRTS. Having said that, a proposal can still be put together and sent out. Btw, kudos on the route idea! 13 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya » idontspam Thanks for your interest. Currently we are concentrating on data. Rest of processes will be fast moving. Sorry to make you wait. Thanks! 13 years ago
kbsyed61 » idontspam Delete it and then post it in the relevant post. 13 years ago
kbsyed61 » idontspam The comment on 'REDDY BROTHERS....' seems inappropriate in the 'New feature' thread. 13 years ago
Naveen » idontspam Hi Sathya - I have posted an email for you (I'm not in town, currently). I could call to discuss if reqd. Naveen 13 years ago

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