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BIAL Trumphet interchange: work started

If you already did not know, when the International airport will be complete, you dont have to wait in a signal at NH 7 to enter or leave the airport. If you have seen the chaos at the Arrival and Departure roads at current HAL airport, you will appreciate the problem.

Under Construction!

Important Notice: If you landed here via a search engine reference, we'd like to tell you that is still under construction. This citizen-networking platform will be opening soon, we are looking at doing the beta launch in 1st week of July.

- team


How do I insert a link

How do I link a webpage

How do I insert a Picture

How do I insert a picture

There are several ways to insert a picture into your post.  First two methods mentioned below require you to upload pictures on other sites, and then embed them in your post/comment on Praja. Third method can be used to upload pictures directly on Praja.

How to I create a Map

How do I create a Map

How do I create a Blog

How do I create a blog

In order to maintain the qulity of content at a consistent level, currently does not allow all the users to have their own blogs. You can still comment on the blogs and create new topics on the forums. However, if you want to join us as a blogger, we always welcome you. See here for details.

How do I Format text

How do I format text

Gold pass for Volvo buses


DH Reports that Volvo users will now be able to avail monthly passes.

Delayed projects and cost overruns


So that summarises it all.. Litigations, problem with acquisitions delay your project and you end up making it much more costly! Thats a nobrainer to me. Somehow I am missing something the people at power are seeing, or vice-versa.

Looks like the problem is not unique to BMIC project alone.


BMIC: Gottigere lake muddle?


Any updates on the Gottigere lake thing? Back in March, High Court had asked state govt and NICE to resoolve the Peripheral expressway alignment issue within 3 months. March plus 3 months = June, or latest July? Shouldn't we be hearing some update now?

[basically a test post for forums - tarle/s3, leave some useful comments, want to check how threaded and flat views look]

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