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Civic Sense

There are several things that bother me about construction activities in Bangalore. These include the blatant flouting of building rules, and the apparent disregard for the safety of the public and the neighbours. The corporation guys are mainly in the picture at the beginning and the end for their pound of flesh.

BIAL Expressway in legal battle

Q: What is the last thing an express highway needs?

A: A legal bottelneck.

Go ask anyone at NICE and they would swear by it.

Murphy’s Laws of Bangalore Traffic

1. A stopped bus suddenly starts cutting into your lane when you have crossed it halfway 2. The passenger at the window seat in a bus decides to spit ONLY when your car is next to it 3. An Auto on your left at a traffic light will always move across to the right once the light turns green 4. If a passenger in an Auto is giving signals, then the Auto will move in the opposite direction

Bangalore Waiting On RITES

Metro Rail
Even if we donot always understand the whats and whys of what they do, we have all heard of the B* organizations - BBMP, BDA, BCP, BMTC, BMRC & so on. Now meet RITES, the Dilli based consultancy arm of the Indian Railways. Many of the B* orgs' projects depend on it.


We all have seen the roads that are asphalted being dug up the next day by phone companies. Then there is this case of water supply folks cutting off telephone lines or vice-versa.

Bangalore Metro round-up July 18

Metro Rail

This week seemed like a low PR activity week for Namma Metro.

BIAL Updates July 14 2007

Key BIAL Concessionaires

  • Aviation Fuel Facility: Skytanking & IndianOil
  • Ground Handling: GlobeGround India & Air-India/Singapore Air Terminal Services (SATS)
  • Cargo Facility: SATS/Air-India & Bobba Group/Menzies Aviation


BIAL Dedicated Rail

BIAL to invest in the high speed rail to the airport. Interestingly the rail connectivity to cost more than the airport itself.

BIAL May Pilot Rail Link To Devanahalli Airport

BIAL Updates July 13 2007

A summary of the developments so far. Check the links for context.

Second BIAL runway by 2013: Brunner
Text Source: Bangalore, DH News Service updated with relevant links.

BIAL Official Updates July 2007

Construction progress during June 2007

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