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Bids received for namma metro coaches

Metro Rail

Its time to talk about the coaches but this time its not about the Indian Cricket team. BMRC said that they have received pre-qualification tenders from seven companies interested in building the coaches for namma metro.

How they do it: Citizen Committees in Hubli-Dharwad


Hubli & Dharwad, the oft-neglected poor cousins of Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore, have pioneered a systematic method of actually involving citizens in the upkeep of the city. And the citizens have responded with innovation & motivation …

National College Grounds - Going Nowhere

We are looking at building the next Singapore, yet our kids' playgrounds are fast becoming either walking parks or storage for construction material or being used for all purposes except playing.

Road to airport? Not so soon!


Everyone, even FM P. Chidambaram seems to know that when the BIAL airport will finally be ready, it wont be accessible easily. There is practicaly no high-capacity road or rail link to connect the city to the airport. Thats the reason he asked the state Govt. to expedite the work on the connectivity and get the roads ready by next 9 months.

Two new loops at Silk Board flyover?


If you hate blogs and The Hindu for sounding so critical and negative, then you must appreciate the effort "Times Property" supplement makes at providing positive and constructive "news" on infrastructure front. I put news under quotes there because some say advertisers on that supplement ensure a positive picture is painted.

Yedi - cool to NICE and BMIC?


Very short post this one. ToI (Saturday, Aug 4) had carried an interview of the CM-in-waiting Mr Yediyurappa, and I found this answer very interesting:

TOI: Were you consulted on the change in government’s policy on BMIC?

Hey, how about us?

I just couldn't find a right tag for this post and even thought about whether this fits at Praja. Its about an ongoing strike impacting all of us at Bangalore. Agricultural produce traders are on a strike because they are not happy with government's recent move to allow private parties to buy produce directly from farmers. Wait, don't run away, I am not going to talk about geeky stuff like APMC act, organized retail, their impacts and such.

Mono too much to handle for BMRC

Metro Rail
We had recently heard about BMRC trying to finalise the bids for Mono project. But surprisingly BMRC realised that Mono will be too much to handle with its plate already being full with Metro. It has hence submitted a plea to Govt. asking the Mono to be handled by some other agency. Looks like the Gove will oblige.

Not my fault

It costs Rs 5000 and there is no online version available, not even a summarized one. So while I am yet to read Bangalore's Masterplan-2015, newspapers have been supplying bits and bytes on it. Of them recently, this one caught my attention. Apparently, with CDP-2015, Architects, planners and engineers face the threat of losing licences if they fail to report violations of building byelaws, and they are not happy with it:

"By bringing in this clause, the authorities, they allege, are shifting the burden of enforcing the laws to architects, town planners and engineers."

Alright, government bashing is fashion of the day. But I fail to see the rationale behind general expectations that everything is the responsibility of "officials". (Actually, I find this word "officials" pretty amusing, will save that for a later post).

BIAL Official Updates August 2007

Official Updates of Construction during July 2007
The construction of new Bangalore Airport has now reached the 26th month starting August 2007. The total project progress is now approximately 80%.

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