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Shops and parking - This is how it begins

Recently, while passing through Kundalahalli gate, I noticed that some shops had suddenly sprung up on an empty plot. Going by what I understand of BBMP bylaws, the construction does seem illegal. These shops are literally standing on the footpath, and bang on a major intersection. Of course, there is no place to park bikes or cars here. So once they start doing business, customers' vehicles could block some serious traffic (intersection of Varthur Road and Brookfield main road leading to ITPL).

Bangalore Airport: The CRS Option

With the new airport set to open, ideas on how to get there have flown thick and fast. Here are some thoughts on leveraging the existing rail network.

Let us ask BDA/BBMP?

Our long term goal at Praja is to do more than blogs and discussions. For that, we first have to grow into a larger community of like minded concerned residents of this city. While we are not there yet, how about we try this experiment on the subject of alternate routes from Bannerghatta Road to Hosur Road.

What we need is a good connection somewhere between NICE Peripheral Road and Outer Ring Road. For a start, how about we post a suggestion cum question to BDA/BBMP, and do it this way:

- frame one short and precise paragraph on this - find email id or sarkaari website where we could post this - at least 20-30 of us will post this exact query

Airport expressway update


We have all been screaming on the subject for a while now. But this business-standard update on BIAL expressway is interesting, because it talks dates:

... sources said many powerful politicians also owned land along the alignment ... and wanted it changed ... “We changed the alignment five times unofficially before freezing it. But they are still not satisfied. If the land acquisition process is completed by July, the expressway will be ready by March 2009 but that appears improbable. As things stand, the expressway will not be ready even by 2009-end,” a source said.

Date: whats the point?

What is that? A board proudly displaying information about a public project at Marathahalli. Work detail says: "construction of approaches to road over bridge". Does that include the bridge work as well, or only the approach roads? Where does the approach road start, and end?

Bangalore Auto Transit Authority


Autos in Bangalore are at a minimum Rs 44crore/annum business*, employ atleast 30,000 people directly**, and have a transportation model that most public transit systems will kill for. Yet autos and their drivers are known for all the wrong reasons. I hypothesize, because they have got the organization all wrong.

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The interesting Metro update

Metro Rail

Just read through Bangalore Metro's August'07 updates. Read through the first few pages of that pdf, and you realize that land acquisition seems to be delaying a few tasks - notice the schedule column, search for phrases "revised" or "after land acquisition".

These delays were always expected to be a part of the project, so no complaints there. But one key update you and I should look forward to takes the cake as far as disclosing information is concerned:

Reva and Autorickshaw?

Public Transport

There is this one thing I was hoping would happen, but it never did. Why did the promoters and makers of Reva (Maini) never try to push electric vehicles as an alternative to present-day auto-rickshaws?

An auto-rickshaw costs around Rs 1.3 lakhs today. 4 stroke ones would be a little more expensive than that. Most metro cities will sooner or later be pushing for a rickshaw overhaul, which as per current trends is an upgrade to cleaner engines running on CNG or four strokes.

Metro to encash 'Green'liness

Metro Rail
For a government controlled body, BMRC is really industrious and we have seen them taking a lot welcome steps earlier. Now, like a real smart company, BMRC plans to encash its environment friendliness using 'Carbon Bonds' from UNFCCC. Here is a kind of FAQ on that topic.

Bangalore Encroached II

Some insider stories, some disturbing questions, and a few happy trends for public participation and accessible governance.

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